Ukranians Outraged by DiCaprio’s Oscar Snub
Independence Square Was Struck With Riots and Protests Following News Of DiCaprio's Loss

The citizens of Ukraine are said to be shocked and outraged this week to hear of Leonardo Di Caprio’s latest Oscar snub at the 86th Academy Awards, with the acting Foreign Minister calling the entire awards body “a corrupt farce”. “It’s just not fair” said one Ukrainian mother of two outside the smoldering remains of her family home, “Leo is without question one of Hollywood’s hardest working actors, I think it’s time the Academy recognized that.”

But not everyone in Ukraine is so strongly behind Di Caprio, with the invading Russian naval forces cautiously siding with the Academy’s decision. “Sure it would have been nice to finally see Leonardo gain some much deserved recognition.” said the head of the Russian state’s black ops team currently in control of Crimea, “but Twelve Years as A Slave was for all accounts the better film this season. There’ll be more Oscars in years to come and I think Di Caprio will eventually have his day in the spotlight.”

However even with Russian intervention, tension on the ground are still at boiling point, with riots breaking out in Kiev’s central square in response to the Academy’s snub. It has even been suggested by some that the country may rename Independence Square to Di Caprio Square in honor of the sacrifice Di Caprio has made by dedicating his life to only producing second rate blockbuster films.

Former opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko has said her first official action since being released from prison will be to lobby the UN to investigate potential corruption in the American Film Academy’s voting process, claiming Di Caprio’s continual losses are indicative of systematic corruption within the body’s executive council. However, any moves by the UN to reverse the Academy’s decision are likely to be vetoed by Russia, with the Putin government known to be a strong supporter of rival Oscar contender Disney’s Frozen.