Tony Abbott Challenges for Liberal Leadership, Claims Turnbull Has “Accomplished Nothing”

BREAKING – The Liberal Party is scrambling to organise a second party ballot in just under 24 hours in response to allegations by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott that Malcolm Turnbull has failed in his mandate as leader, having not managed to pass a single law since taking over as Prime Minister 20 hours ago.

The move comes as no surprise to followers of Mr Abbott, who say the former Liberal leader has spent a majority of his time as a backbencher undermining Mr Turnbull, planning his return, and eating breakfast.

While the numbers do not look to have changed in Mr Abbott’s favor since polling was last conducted last night, it is apparent that at least five members of the Liberal Party have now pledged to join Abbott’s side, on the condition that Tony stop calling them every five minutes asking if they have changed their mind. It is also highly likely that Mr Abbott’s offer of a knighthood for every MP that supports him will win over a number of fence-sitting members.

Even if successful it is possible Mr Abbott’s second term as Prime Minister may prove even more shortlived than his first, with Deputy Leader Julie Bishop having already scheduled a post-challenge-challenge for tomorrow morning around 9am, closely followed by Joe Hockey’s leadership challenge at 9:05.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten took the opportunity to condemn the the Liberal party for their internal disputes during a press conference this afternoon, calling the move to replace and re-instate Tony “disgraceful”.

“How low can the Liberal Party sink?” asked Shorten. “Replacing sitting Prime Ministers and then bringing them back is our thing! Who do the Liberal Party think they are stealing our one policy and trying to pass it off as their own? Tell ya what, they’ve lost my vote now, that’s for sure.”