The A In LGBTQIA and Literally Every Other Word Stands for Ally

Following last week’s shocking revelation that the A in LGBTQIA stands for “Ally”, other brave As have come out in droves. Among others, the As in Australia and, notably, the Alphabet have declared how proud they are to represent allies.

This revelation comes just in time for Mardi Gras, a celebration containing two As, which The Sauce can confirm stand for “Awesome Allies”. Norm Alman, founder of the Ally Advancement Association, has this to say:

“We considered giving one A to the asexuals but ultimately decided this recognition should go to the most deserving group. We need to start raising awareness of the most overlooked members of the LGBTQIA community, not just the ones who’d like a turn in the spotlight.”

The movement for ally acceptance, a radiant example of the power of grassroots social change, has been spearheaded by allies themselves. “It’s wonderful that we’ve been able to have so much autonomy in the process,” Mr Alman tells The Sauce. “There’s nothing worse than a marginalised group’s supporters taking over a movement, even with good intentions. It should always be about the people really affected.”

To help reclaim allies’ place in the LGBTQIA community, a Kickstarter campaign was launched seeking funding to change the spelling of “Queer” to “Quear”, which represents Allies much more prominently. Alman explains the campaign as “reclaiming a slur by making it about us. It’s a really beautiful thing.”

Their progress is a candid testament to the power of community and respectful collaboration. “It’s not about individuals,” Alman insists. “There’s no I in team. But there sure is an A, and it stands for ‘Ally’.”