The Sauce Considers Antagonising Terrorists to Boost Publicity

After witnessing the horrific events in Paris and the amazing outburst of support for Charlie Hebdo, satirical website The Sauce has seen an opportunity, or rather a catastrotunity.

“You see with every catastrophe there is some low-life who is willing to benefit from it, usually a politician looking to get re-elected, or a current affairs program looking to milk some poor family’s loss, but this time we thought we’d get on the act,” said Sauce Managing Director Smar Tass.

In the aftermath of the attack, Charlie Hedbo’s publication have been shown throughout the world, taking the satirical newspaper’s work to unprecedented global audience.

“We’ve always looked at ways to build our audience, and it looks like this is the new model. We’ll now focus all our attention on provoking terrorists of all faiths from here on. When they retaliate ‘ching-ching’,” said Sauce Financial Director Cap Italist.

Rumours circulated earlier in the day that the Sauce could open an office in Yemen, hoping to be closer to terrorists but that idea was scraped.

“No, we thought about it, but we’d more likely be hit by a US drone strike. And nobody gives a fuck about that, we’d be lucky to make it on SBS,” said Sauce Logisitcs Operator Hora Bill-Persun.

“Instead we will be enticing terrorists the traditional way, you know, by publishing silly cartoons that threaten the very foundation of an allmighty god.”

Author’s note: Our thoughts are with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack. Solidarity with satirists.