Press Takes Break From Condemning Violence in Baltimore To Watch Violence In Las Vegas
In this pitcure, Pacquiao represents the state of journalism. Seen here being punched by Money

American Press and Media organisations took a well-earned break from constantly condemning the ‘senseless violence’ in Baltimore to watch two men punch each other for money in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Several major news organizations decided to suspend their coverage of the Baltimore Riots, labelled by many as a “disgusting and pointless showing of violence” to cover the Mayweather-Pacquiao World Welterweight title fight, labelled by many as “man, how fun is punching?”.

A large number of people within the news media have been highly critical of the public displays of violence in Baltimore over the last two weeks, and they strongly believe that any sort of physical confrontation should be kept to the confines of worldwide broadcasts of pay-per-view television.

“As a journalist, I must say that violence is never the answer” said Fox News anchor and user of generous definition of the word ‘journalist’, Sean Hannity, when speaking about the riots. “These thugs should know that nothing ever comes from violence. Unless you’re fighting in Las Vegas. Then, $180 million dollars comes from violence”.

“These criminals are ruining America. I, for one, don’t want my children seeing these acts of aggression and thinking that that’s okay. We’ll be watching the boxing instead”.

CNN, meanwhile, provided extensive coverage of the title fight, though the majority of that coverage was a hologram which accurately recreated the inside of the announcer’s mic. CNN’s coverage came despite the fact that it ran several pieces over the last week criticising the events in Baltimore.

CNN CEO Jeff Zucker, however, was adamant that his network’s coverage of the two news stories was not hypocritical.

“Obviously, these two examples of public violence are way different. Mayweather and Pacquiao are both incredibly rich, unlike the people who are rioting. Way way different.”