Police Find Thousands of Explosives Rigged To Sydney Harbour Bridge

Police are reportedly cordoning off the Sydney Harbour Bridge and asking the public to stay well clear of the surrounding area today, after a large number of explosives were found attached at strategic points along the length of Sydney’s iconic bridge.

While details are being kept under wraps by police and no groups have come forward yet to claim responsibility, investigators have confirmed that the explosives were seemingly armed to explode at midnight on December 31st, a time presumably chosen to take advantage of the large number of people celebrating new years in the city.

The explosives were reportedly found by police during a routine security sweep of the bridge, after sniffer dogs detected the presence of gunpowder.

“It certainly is a scary find,” said Inspector Roger Eldridge, who is heading up the removal effort. “While there wasn’t nearly enough explosive to do any real damage to the bridge’s structure, I can only imagine this much gunpowder would have created quite a bang, as well as a very bright flash, potentially terrorizing the onlookers below waiting for the… midnight fireworks. Oh shit wait.”

More as this story develops.