Entrepreneurial Neo-Nazi Sues Coalition For Lack of 18C Repeal

SYDNEY – Lenny Riefenstahp, Birchgrove resident, entrepreneur, and member of the Southern Cross Hammerskins (SCHS), has commenced legal action against the Federal Coalition government, following the failure of Attorney General George Brandis to push through repeals to the country’s anti-discrimination legislation.

In a series of tweets directed at Attorney General, Riefenstahp has made an online appeal for pro-bono representation that he “need[s] for damages resultant from the failure of the pre-election pro-business promises”. Riefenstahp claims to have $150,000 worth of anti-semitic literature sitting in his living room that he presumed would have been “legal to distribute and profit from by now”, explaining that his “every cent and inheritance” has gone into this entrepreneurial business plan.

“I even had to take out a second mortgage on this house”, alleges Riefenstahp, “Now I’m even deeper in debt to those JEWS!”

Riefenstahp’s twitter commentary on Australia’s need to alter Section 18C has also attracted international attention, with political talk show the O’Reilly Factor latching onto the story of a self-employed young man being put out of business by Libero-Fascists, reading out tweets on air such as:

When contacted, Riefenstahp’s legal counsel offered a statement claiming that money would be the deciding factor in looming NSW case law development: “At this point it’s all about who sets the precedent. We can’t afford to, so we’re waiting to see whether AGL successfully sues the NSW government for damages incurred by increased regulations of CSG development. Only if AGL’s action is successful, will we, mere citizens, pursue the federal government. Sieg Heil, etc.”

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