MKR Judges Let Out of Props Cupboard For Another Year

With Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules kicking off for a new season this week, contest judge Pete Evans has described how thrilled he is to be let out of Channel 7’s props cupboard for another year. Stretching and blinking as he walked out into daylight for the first time since the end of last year’s competition, Mr. Evans told a waiting media how good it was to see the light of day again. “People think you know, big network, must have a big props cupboard. But once you’ve put in the set from the X Factor, all the botched projects from Better Homes and Gardens, Kochie’s wardrobe and the actors killed off on Home and Away, it gets crowded in there!”

Mr. Evans, who has been in storage since South Australian mums Bree and Jessica won My Kitchen Rules in April last year, said the hardest part about being stuck in a cupboard was looking after his ridiculously perfect teeth. “When My Kitchen Rules is on, I have my teeth whitened about once every 4 hours. It’s the reason Manu and I always arrive after the other guests,” Mr. Evans admitted. “People think it’s because I’m vain, but it’s actually because I’ve managed to get them so white they glow in the dark. When I’m locked in the props cupboard in between seasons, I use them to see.”

As has been the case since 2010, Mr. Evans has been retrieved from the props cupboard three weeks prior to a new series of My Kitchen Rules. Mr. Evans said he was pleased to be back doing what he does best – forcing ordinary Australians to verbally abuse one another under the guise of a cooking competition. “Manu and I have been training hard for this season,” said Mr. Evans, referencing his co-judge with the most fake real French accent on TV, Manu Feildel. “We’ve been practising our silent looks – looking at each other, looking at the food, looking at the contestants, looking at each other again – we managed to make some of the contestants wet themselves with anxiety in some of the practices, so we’re excited about this season. And I’ve been practising my overly dramatic pauses. They’re not good…………… they’re aaammaazzzing.”

Mr. Evans’ co-judge Manu Feildel was also let out of the props cupboard, however he was released several days after his counterpart due to an issue in the way he was stored. “We’re meant to leave the judges charging while in storage,” said a props worker for Channel 7, “but Manu’s charger wouldn’t work with the Australian power points, so when we came to fetch him he was completely deflated. We had to find a European adaptor and pump him up. His head’s still a little squishy, but we hope that with the excessive amounts of well-timed Hyundai advertisements, we should be able to keep him from going flat during the show.”

“I caenoot wait fer dis sison to start” said Mr. Feildel. “I ‘av bin practissing mai Inglish and I tink now I can gif bedder feedbeck to di contistents. I lurned ‘ow to say ‘This meat is dead, I like it more raw,’ and so now I am todally prepared.”

With this new series of MKR set to run until April, Mr. Evans and Mr. Feildel said they will enjoy their freedom while they can. “Sure, it’s always tough to have to fold ourselves into the back of the cupboard at the end of a series,” said Mr. Evans. “But I guess I shouldn’t complain, at least there’s only myself and Manu. Spare a thought for the Masterchef judges. There’s three of them, and the Channel 10 cupboard is filled with way more junk nobody wants!”