Mechanics Shop Suspiciously Not Covered in Pictures of Naked Women

The Sauce can exclusively reveal that area mechanic Robson’s Toolshed is under investigation after a tipoff to the paper indicated that the local mechanic was failing to conform to industry stereotypes. A Sauce reporter has received a copy of at least one complaint lodged with the Fair Dealing Commissioner claiming misleading and deceptive conduct, which alleges the mechanic “inexplicably chose not to hang pictures of naked women throughout her workshop”.

The Mechanics Union has been contacted by the Sauce, with a spokesperson indicating that the workshop owner may cop a hefty fine, and faces losing her guild license if found to be in breach of other regulations, such as the industry code requiring all mechanics to display “one or more inches of hairy stomach” at all times.

The Sauce approached Robson’s Toolshed for comment before going to print. The proprietors insisted the body of the article would have to be replaced due to structural issues, and the line breaks would need to be more fluid before they could give it the all clear.