Mature Age Student Experiences Mid-Life Crisis Mid-Tutorial
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In something described as “a car crash, in slow motion, where both cars are driven by someone you feel sorry for”, students of Sydney University who attended the Wednesday 12:00pm tutorial for ENGL2059: Navigating Trauma recall with horror how mature age student, Joseph King, entered his midlife crisis while answering a question about the readings.

“His answer was interesting to begin with, if a little unrelated to the course”, said tutor Miranda Klose, “and then, shortly after referencing his failed marriage, he got this weird look in his eye.” King, a graduate of the University of Life and second year Arts student, was then seen to uncomb his combover, throw down his annotated reader, and wail audibly at the back of the classroom.

In silent agreement, the students decided to politely look away from the rapidly disheveling man, and instead proceed on with some icebreaker exercises. When it came time for King to answer why he took the course, he could only respond, in order: “what am I doing?”, “who am I?” and “do any of you know what it’s like to have more time behind you than ahead?”