LIVE UPDATES: The Sauce’s Comprehensive Coverage of the Sydney Storm
The Sydney Harbour Bridge, pictured here while very wet

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, pictured here while very wet


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17:30 PM

And with that, The Sauce’s coverage of the Sydney Storm comes to an end for the day. Thank you for joining us in bringing you these LIVE updates, and for trusting in us to provide you with the latest news on how wet Sydney really is. Veronica has solved the mystery, turns out that the killer was Logan’s DAD! Who would have guessed? Join us again tomorrow, as we once again cover the swirling mass of wind and rain they call – the Sydney Storm.

16:30 PM

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “wet” as:

  1. covered or soaked with water or another liquid; not dry
  2. having a lot of rain

In Sydney’s case, both of these hold true.

Don’t go into that building, Veronica!

16:05 PM

The Sauce has been informed that several trees were knocked down over the course of the storm. Sources indicate damages could be in the tens of dollars. Veronica’s investigation is going well, although the indifference of the Neptune community sure isn’t helping. Stay tuned.

15:45 PM

The wind in Sydney has picked up again. No sign of rain at this stage. Veronica is investigating a missing student. We at The Sauce hopes she can find him in time.

15:30 PM

While the rain has stopped, many people are remaining indoors. Readers have written in to inform us that there is a Veronica Mars marathon on TV. The current episode has Michael Cera guest starring. Sydney remains wet

15:10 PM

With the worst of the storm passed, Sydney’s highly lucrative Plastic Umbrella industry have issued a joint press release:

We are delighted to announce that our projected profits for this year are set to be through the roof. We are grateful for the thousands of people who kept buying our poorly constructed umbrellas through this ordeal, and we are especially thankful that, as a society, we have not done more towards combating climate change, or else we would never see weather like this.

14:30 PM

Brett Brettson from Bondi reports that the raining has stopped:

Yeah, the rain has stopped. Still wet though.

The Sauce can confirm that it is indeed still wet.

14:20 PM

Many readers have pointed out that the rain storm in Sydney is similar to one which hit a passenger aircraft above the city of Barcelona a few years ago. Although, in that particular instance, the rain in Spain fell mainly on the plane. More news to follow.

13:54 PM

Dr. Thompkins has provided us with a detailed graphical rendering of the molecule which caused all of this terror on the streets of Sydney

H2O, also known as the molecule of doom

H2O, also known as the molecule of doom

13:30 PM

It is still rainy in Sydney. There were unconfirmed reports coming in earlier that it is not as rainy in a different part of Sydney. However, our sources indicate that it is, in fact, rainy everywhere in Sydney

13:05 PM

Our resident science expert, Dr. Leslie Thompkins, has provided us with the scientific reasoning behind this storm:

This storm has happened due to their being lots of water in the clouds, which has come down to the ground. The windy conditions are a result of there being a lot of wind in the air which is swirling around Sydney. I’m not sure what the lightning is, I didn’t get that far into my “Horrible Science” book

12:55 PM

Samantha Collins, an artist from Glebe, has created a visual approximation of the Sydney Storm.

Ms. Collins also works in a cafe

Ms. Collins also works in a cafe


12:37 PM

Steven Chen from Chatswood has emailed us with news from the unfolding situation in North Sydney:

I’m in North Sydney and it is wet here. Heaps of rain. My car is wet as well.

12:17 PM

UPDATE: The Sauce has now learned that the previously mentioned “large body of water” is, in fact, the Harbour. We apologize for any panic and/or apocalyptic actions we may have caused.

12:15 PM

BREAKING: The Sauce has confirmed via its sources that a huge body of water has amassed between the North side of Sydney and the South side of Sydney. Details to follow, but could this be the end of the world? Why not write in to us and tell us what you think!

Picture of water sent by reader Molly Chen of Parramatta. Cat unrelated

Picture of water sent by reader Molly Charles of Parramatta. Cat unrelated


12:00 PM

Mike Johnson from Gosford reports that the water has started entering his house:

There’s water in my house now. It’s coming out of the taps, but only when I turn the knob to the right. On second thoughts, never mind

11:30 AM

Sources close to The Sauce have confirmed that it’s a bit chilly outside. Also, still pretty wet.

11:15 AM

It is still wet in Sydney. Clive Smith from Newtown says:

It’s really wet here. But my plants are watered now, so that’s good.

11:00 AM

The Sauce can confirm that it is wet in Sydney today. More on this developing story to follow.