Islamic State Formally Condemns Australia’s Human Rights Record

Representatives for the Islamic State have formally denounced the actions of a young teenager who fled Syria to join and fight for Australia last month, condemning the south Pacific country’s recent actions towards asylum seekers as “an inexcusable and horrific abuse of human rights and violation of international law”.

A spokesperson for the Islamic State described the group to reporters as a “recidivistic and backwards collective, whose sole purpose is to bring as much destruction and unrest to as many people as possible.”

When prompted for a comment, the spokesperson described the boy’s act of boarding a plane as “completely insane. Why anyone would wish to go join a culture that is the complete antithesis of intellectualism, progress, and equal rights, is beyond our understanding.”

The spokesperson then urged the people of the Islamic State to contact the authorities immediately if they believe someone they know may be involved with this dangerous hate group, listing warning signs such as “an increasing intolerance of foreigners”, “disregard for international regulatory bodies” and a “propensity to blame issues on the previous administration” as telltale signs for radicalisation.