Google Unveils Plan to Broadcast 24/7 Videos “Through the Air”

In a surprise announcement that has stunned even avid Google watchers, Google today unveiled its latest potentially world changing plan, to broadcast popular videos for free “through the air” utilising the electromagnetic spectrum. A spokesman for Google has confirmed the new 24/7 streaming service will be operational by late 2014, though users will require a specially made box to receive the transmissions.

The new Google video service will 'broadcast' video through a complex system of satellites and antennas.

The new Google video service will ‘broadcast’ video through a complex system of satellites and antennas.

Although they face a steep uphill battle against the wildly popular online video market, Google believes it will be able to sidestep this competition by broadcasting only premium content on its streaming service, including popular online videos such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, that people would otherwise spend hours trying to find and download online. “This just really simplifies the process,” said Google CEO Larry Page at the press launch earlier today. “There will be no more searching through hundreds of old deleted uploads, no more waiting for people to torrent the videos and then waiting hours more for content to buffer, just the best, high quality videos delivered streaming live around the clock straight to your home.”

Google has a strong reputation for releasing products that appear impossible or crazy on first release, having been responsible for such recent innovations as creating a self driving car, setting up an institute to research immortality, and developing the world’s largest cache of pornographic images. Pundits have already declared this new innovation as a worthy addition to this list, with Google once again leaving its competitors scrabbling to catch up.

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