Fred Nile Condemns Self For Pro Gay Agenda

The Reverend Fred Nile has issued a scathing rebuke to himself this week following news that he had tabled legislation in parliament to end the “gay panic defense” in New South Wales. The Reverend is quoted as saying he was pleased to see his legislation finally reach the light of day, and is looking forward to voting against it next week.

The condemnation of Mr Nile’s latest bill was not unexpected given the uproar created by Rev. Nile and his followers, after the Select Committee first suggested LGBT legislative reforms in 2013. However the Committee Chairman Fred Nile was quick to placate his own fears, reassuring Rev. Nile that the proposed laws would not infringe on his religious freedoms.

Rev. Nile is well known as a long time supporter of the gay rights community, having attended every single Mardi Gras to date, and has become known as the father of the DIY rainbow movement, for his famous prayers for rain before each parade.

The Reverend informs the program that he is considering all options to prevent any similar legislation reaching the parliament in the future, including retiring from parliament alltogether, though he fears such a move may just be playing into his own hands.

This Sauce report originally aired on 2ser FM as part of the 2014 Mardi Gras special.