Destructive Mutant Monster Meets Wolverine

Keeping step with Obama’s regular cavalcade of celebrity guests, and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s recent $1M selfie with Kevin Spacey, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has this week delivered his own achievable and cost effective celebrity selfie with X-man/current man Hugh Jackman at a New York City gym.

The two reportedly sweated in the same room for about five minutes before Mr Abbott pulled out a camera and asked for the selfie – bringing Abbott’s approval rating to the 4th most popular person in the aforementioned photo, a record approval not seen since his last photo-op with the Liberal Party’s front bench.

Though not known to step into the political arena, Jackman did express concern over the cuts to the health sector and the doctor co-payment intro-ducted by the Abbott Government. Mr Abbott responded by assuring Jackman that the money for medical research would primarily go to finding out how to medically remove Jackman’s metal claws and “how to manufacture one of those not-unnatractive blue shapeshifter women”, citing similar recent medical advances that have allowed Julie Bishop to freeze people with her icy stare.

Though best known for his roles as a half-monster with a tendancy for violent destruction, Mr Abbott put aside his dayjob to congratulate Jackman on his success as an Australian actor. “I just want to say I love his work,” Mr Abbott told reporters outside the gym “and I’ve seen all of Hugh Grant’s films.”