Daniel Day-Lewis to Play Household Dog In New Musical
Pictured: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Day-Lewis

The world’s favourite non-cartoon dog (excluding Beethoven) is back.

Lassie The Musical is set to hit cinemas late November, with Academy Award winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis signed on to portray the iconic dog.

The musical is the first project for Mr. Day-Lewis since his Academy Award winning performance as the iconic head of state Abraham Lincoln, with many critics suggesting this will provide the greatest challenge of the method actor’s career.

“It’s going to be a challenge, but I think he’ll pull it off,” said Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who will star in the film as Lassie’s 10-year-old human owner Timmy.

“Examining his method is insightful. I took Daniel Day-Lewis for a walk yesterday, and watching him dig up bones, chase birds and defecate on a stranger’s lawn was amazing. I have no doubt that this will be a virtuoso performance.”

Mr. Day-Lewis is said to have transformed his body for the role, undergoing a rigorous, somewhat experimental diet and training regime designed to develop the canine-like physique he feels necessary for a realistic portrayal.

Mr. Day-Lewis’ enthusiasm, however, isn’t impressing everyone, with Michael Bay, the film’s director, describing his actions as “Odd”, “Unnecessary” and “Somewhat depressing”, highlighting the fact that Lassie will be a computer-generated character in this film.

“Wolf, wolf,” said Mr Day-Lewis, when approached for comment.