Continually Incompetent Treasurer Proof That Anyone Can Get A Job

Supporters of Joe Hockey have come out in defense of the MP’s comments on the housing and job market, pointing out that the Treasurer’s own continued incompetence proves that anyone can attain and maintain a job.

Social media exploded yesterday following Mr Hockey’s comments that entering the property market is as simple as getting “a good job that pays money”.

“Listen, Joe’s been Treasurer for nearly two years now, and you think of all the times he has stuffed up while he’s had the job, and even before, is all the evidence you need that any of us can get and keep any job,” said North Shore based support Rich Bass-Tard.

“This is a guy who said poor people don’t drive, who smoked a cigar after cutting funding to hospitals and schools, who compared going to the doctor to drinking a beer. What more proof do you need?” continued Mr Bass-Tard.

Medical experts were concerned yesterday that Mr Hockey might be suffering amnesia, after forgetting the complexities of the housing market, the existence of banks, and the concept of home loans.

Mr. Hockey has proven so out of touch that doctors are also keen to test if he still had the four other remaining senses of sound, sight, smell and taste.

The Treasurer, however, was not deterred by criticism, telling the terminally ill to “just get better” and the disabled to “walk it off”.

The statements are part of a broader, ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ philosophy that Mr. Hockey has repeatedly advocated.

A philosophy that has merits, provided you attended a $12,000 a year private school, like Mr. Hockey, where your boots don’t so much have straps as rockets attached designed to blast you from the 0.1% to the 0.0001%.

It wasn’t all bad for the Treasurer, though, as scientists announced Mr. Hockey had broken a record for the furthest any human has put their own foot in their mouth.