Children Launch Ad Campaign Against Religious Groups Who Use Them In Ad Campaigns
This is serious business

Children across Australia have banded together to launch a new advertising campaign against religious groups that use them in advertising campaigns.

The move follows a controversial advertisement run by religious group ‘The Australian Marriage Forum’ this weekend, which claimed that same-sex marriage is “harmful for children” and that “children have a right to have a mother and a father” and “Oh God, the children! Won’t someone think of the children! THE CHILDREN!!!”.

Despite the flawless reasoning of the argument and the loudness of their yelling it, however, it seems that children across the nation have had enough of being used by religious groups as an excuse to perpetuate their backwards ways of thinking.

“Frankly, this is embarrassing”, said one campaign organiser, Sally, aged 9, at a press conference held inside her tree-house.

“I’m tired of being used as a puppet whenever the grown-ups want to make a point without having to explain it or hear anything against it. I watch a lot of Sesame Street, and they’re are completely ruining puppets for me”.

“I’m only 9 years old, and even I know that saying that children ‘need a mother and a father’ is being really mean to all of those kids who don’t have both a mother and a father. It’s little more than bullying, which is something that is actually bad for children, unlike having two dads, which just means there’s double the dad jokes”.

The campaign is still awaiting an official launch date, due to negotiations between TV networks and organisers breaking down after all of the organisers simultaneously adjourned for nap-time.

The Australian Marriage Forum has come out in defence of their position of using children in their advertising.

“There is absolutely no difference in us using children in our own advertising, and the more traditional advertising that children are normally in, such as toy ads or ads for kids shows”, explained President of the Australian Marriage Forum and avid Dora The Explorer fan, David van Gend. “I can’t believe that people actually think that we are negatively impacting on children just because we don’t follow the traditional definition of ‘advertising’. It’s a ridiculous leap in logic”.