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Donald Trump Surges in Polls After Pushing Pregnant Woman Down Flight of Stairs
Supporters say while they wouldn't normally back a leader who was abusive of women, the fact that Trump didn't have an ulterior motive for pushing a woman down a flight of stairs was a much needed breath of fresh air in politics
Media Expresses Grave Fears That No Australians May Be Injured in Nepal Earthquake
Tensions are high in newsrooms across Australia this morning, following reports that a massive earthquake in Nepal may not have
Communist Enemy of the United States Shakes Hands With Cuban President
News In Pictures: Communist Enemy of the United States Barack Obama Shakes Hands With Raul Castro
Islamic State Formally Condemns Australia’s Human Rights Record
Representatives for the Islamic State have formally denounced the actions of a young teenager who fled Syria to join and
Putin Not Dead Reports Man Covered in Suspicious Amount of Blood
Russian Deputy Leader and Former Presidental Sockpuppet Dimitri Medvedev has fronted the press late today to quell increasing speculation that Vladmir
The Sauce Considers Antagonising Terrorists to Boost Publicity
After witnessing the horrific events in Paris and the amazing outburst of support for Charlie Hebdo, satirical website The Sauce
FBI Faxes North Korea Demanding Answers Over Sony Hacking
News In Pictures: FBI Faxes North Korea Demanding Answers Over Sony Hacking
Scott Morrison Proud That All Of Australia’s Torturing Is Done Out In The Open
Following the recent stunning revelations of the declassified US Senate Report on CIA Torture programs, Scott Morrison has spoken of
David Cameron Threatens to Bring Back Slavery if Scotland Votes Yes
David Cameron has made an impassioned plea in the final days leading up to the vote on Scottish independence, begging the people of Scotland not to make him bring back slavery. The plea comes as it was revealed by the 'No' campaign that slavery was abolished while the countries England and Scotland were locked in a personal union, the progress of which Cameron has personally pledged to repeal should Scotland vote to secede this Thursday. The announcement was made during Mr Cameron's visit to Aberdeen this week, where he spoke in favor of the Union before all 800 of Scotland's Conservative supporters. The return to Scotland is something of a victory lap for the Tory leader, who on last visit was plagued with claims that his Conservative-Liberal government would split before finishing it's full term in office. Now Mr Cameron can now confidently say to critics that his coalition has remained entirely intact, with only the country itself collapsing
Scott Morrison tweets American GOP: “tfw no border security :/”
Sources for the Sauce can today exclusively reveal that News Corporation in London is reporting on the contents of Scott