Putin Not Dead Reports Man Covered in Suspicious Amount of Blood
Russian Deputy Leader and Former Presidental Sockpuppet Dimitri Medvedev has fronted the press late today to quell increasing speculation that Vladmir
Tony Abbott Converts to Buddhism After Finding Out They Don’t Vote On Leadership
In an effort to put the mounting tension of the LNP Leadership behind him, Tony Abbott has turned to Buddhism
Bill O’Reilly Criticises Journalists For Not Making Stuff Up
Fox News pundit and self-professed “shout enthusiast” Bill O’Reilly has launched a scathing attack on journalists around the world, declaring
Jon Stewart Joins Staff of The Sauce
The Sauce is delighted to announce that the soon-to-be former host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, will be joining our writing staff at the end of his tenure on the program. Stewart, who has some experience within the field of satire, has been accepted into the hallowed ranks of this prestigious publication after a rigorous interviewing process, spanning several years. We here at The Sauce are always looking to develop fresh comedic talent, and we believe that Stewart has the potential to go far in this industry. He may even have his own online satirical website one day. However, Stewart understands that there is a long way to go until then. “Firstly, I am incredibly grateful that The Sauce is giving me this opportunity. Despite being the leading voice in satire for the better part of two decades, launching the careers of many hugely successful comedians, and becoming the most trusted voice in the media, I feel like I have a lot to learn from The Sauce”, Stewart said, in a press release we prepared for him
Tony Abbott Legally Adopts Prince Charles
Australian Prime Minister and licensed Barmy Army™ membership holder Tony Abbott has today announced that, in his ongoing efforts to get the British monarchy to like him, he has legally adopted Prince Charles as his son. The move comes just days after Abbott, in his annual Australia Day honours, granted a knighthood to Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who eagle-eyed readers may notice, is in fact both a Prince and a Duke. In a statement written underneath an English muffin, the Prime Minister has described how he is overjoyed with the latest addition to the Abbott clan. “Obviously, I am thrilled to finally have a son. I've always wanted a son, to whom I can pass on my extensive and well-researched knowledge on how to be a real man, whether it be fishing, or wrestling, or just being an all-round top bloke"
Facebook crash forces public to resort to traditional stalking
Disturbing creeps world over are up in arms today as a result of technical problems that have made popular staking
Scientists Declare 2014 The Sexiest Year On Record
Citing a massive boost in the number of supermodels at 2014's Paris Fashion Week, combined with relative data about the increasing frequency of Edgerton brothers in Hollywood films, scientists from the UN's peak body on peak bodies have concluded that last year was officially the sexiest year on record. "We've suspected this for some time now," says Playboy article analyst Stan Williams, "but until we finally collated all the data we just couldn't say for certain. We knew that the globe has appeared to have been getting hotter since the release of Photoshop in 1992, and ever since Emma Watson and the Sprouse twins grew up we've seen that the signs of a potential global increase in hotness has long been on the cards. What we hadn't accounted for though was that our constant release of carbon into the atmosphere would create a smoky low-light haze across densely populated areas, a factor often correlated with a increase in people's desirability."
The Sauce Considers Antagonising Terrorists to Boost Publicity
After witnessing the horrific events in Paris and the amazing outburst of support for Charlie Hebdo, satirical website The Sauce
FBI Faxes North Korea Demanding Answers Over Sony Hacking
News In Pictures: FBI Faxes North Korea Demanding Answers Over Sony Hacking
Scott Morrison Proud That All Of Australia’s Torturing Is Done Out In The Open
Following the recent stunning revelations of the declassified US Senate Report on CIA Torture programs, Scott Morrison has spoken of