Donald Trump Surges in Polls After Pushing Pregnant Woman Down Flight of Stairs
Supporters say while they wouldn't normally back a leader who was abusive of women, the fact that Trump didn't have an ulterior motive for pushing a woman down a flight of stairs was a much needed breath of fresh air in politics
Image Of Endangered Species Projected on to Empire State Building
News in pictures: Activists in New York have used digital projections to raise global awareness about the plight of endangered
America Hit By Series Of Natural Disasters After Obamacare and Same-Sex Marriage Upheld
The United States of America has been left reeling after a series of natural disasters hit the nation, just days
Mississippi Just Glad It’s Not Australia Right Now
Citizens of Mississippi have chosen to take today’s supreme court ruling on the chin, stating that while they were largely
Walmart Solves Mass Shooting Problem By Banning Sale of Flags
Carolina – Shopping mega-chain Wallmart has today resisted pressure from the public, who are calling on the supermarket to remove guns from its
John Kerry Cautiously Calls For All Out Nuclear War in South China Sea
US foreign secretary John Kerry has this weekend called for all out warfare in the South China sea, as a
New Mother Disappointed Her Baby Is Not As Cool As Royal Baby
A first-time mother has spoken out today about her disappointment that her new child is not nearly as interesting as
Media Expresses Grave Fears That No Australians May Be Injured in Nepal Earthquake
Tensions are high in newsrooms across Australia this morning, following reports that a massive earthquake in Nepal may not have
Communist Enemy of the United States Shakes Hands With Cuban President
News In Pictures: Communist Enemy of the United States Barack Obama Shakes Hands With Raul Castro
Islamic State Formally Condemns Australia’s Human Rights Record
Representatives for the Islamic State have formally denounced the actions of a young teenager who fled Syria to join and