David Cameron Bans Curtains and Padlocks In Fight Against ISIS Threat
British Prime Minister David Cameron has introduced legislation to the House of Commons today, aimed at criminalizing padlocks, deadbolts, blinds,
ASIO Vows To Not Leak Details About How They Leaked Everyone’s Details
Following revelations that the Immigration Department accidentally leaked the passport details of several World Leaders, ASIO has reiterated its commitment
Bill Shorten Upset That No One Cares About His Metadata
While his opposition in the Liberal Party are going to great lengths to ensure no one sees their private data,
Facebook Announces Plan to Ban Gullible Users
Facebook has revealed new plans to ban users who spread fake satire stories as real news, as part of it's new mission to rid the site of misleading satire
Curiosity Rover Discovers Self On Mars
In a strange turn of events described by NASA scientists as “unexpected” the Mars Curiosity Rover, whose task it was
Google Unveils Plan to Broadcast 24/7 Videos “Through the Air”
In a surprise announcement that has stunned even avid Google watchers, Google today announced its latest potentially world changing plan: to broadcast popular videos for free "through the air" utilising the electromagnetic spectrum. A spokesman for Google has confirmed the new 24/7 streaming service will be operational by late 2014, though users will require a specially made box to receive the transmissions. Although they face a steep uphill battle against the wildly popular online video market, Google believes it will be able to sidestep this competition by broadcasting only premium content on its streaming service, including popular online videos such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, that people would otherwise spend hours trying to find and download online. "This just really simplifies the process," said Google CEO Larry Page at the press launch earlier today. "There will be no more searching through hundreds of old deleted uploads, no more waiting for people to torrent the videos and then waiting hours more for content to buffer, just the best, high quality videos delivered streaming live around the clock straight to your home."
Martians Discover Proof That There is No Intelligent Life On Earth
Pictured Above: One giant step back for mankind The Red Planet is today reeling from the surprise discovery that no