3 White Men Run for Leadership of Nation’s Most Progressive Party
In an attempt to demonstrate they are able to hold leadership spills just as well as the two major parties,
Abbott Hopes To Become Next Royal Baby
In a desperate move to boost his popularity and sense of self-worth, Prime Minister Tony Abbott is lobbying to be
Tony Abbott Secures Highly Influential ‘Students Who Play Rugby League’ Vote
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has taken a huge stride towards his re-election chances by securing the vote of the highly
Tony Abbott Declares War On Ice
Tony Abbott has today vowed to set up the “National Ice Taskforce” to tackle the ever-worsening ice epidemic crippling Australia.
MPs Dessert Metadata Debate for Half-Priced Lamingtons
The Australian Parliament hasn’t seen the like since Joe ‘Hamster Cheeks’ Hockey offered up 702 lamingtons to accompany his all-staff
Pyne begs for extension on uni deregulation, claims dog ate original bill
Education Minister Christopher Pyne has this morning begged the Senate to grant him an extension on legislation calling for the
Joe Hockey’s Budget Plan Demolished By Dora The Explorer
Following his disastrous appearance on Q & A,  Treasurer Joe Hockey’s plan to win over the nation’s children has backfired
Clive Palmer Resigns From Palmer United Party
Billionaire Tycoon and part time dinosaur wrangler Clive Palmer has today announced his resignation from the Palmer United Party, saying
Pyne Takes Own Mother Hostage, Demands Deregulation Be Passed
Proving he will literally stop at nothing to get fee deregulation through the Senate, an increasingly desperate education minister Christopher
Tony Abbott Shows Support For Mining Industry By Eating Lump of Coal
Prime Minister and Minister for Nutrition, Tony Abbott, has today reaffirmed his ongoing support for Australia’s Mining industry, by eating