Kevin Andrews and Malcolm Turnbull to Undergo Free Relationship Counselling
Experts say Malcolm and Andrews fall into of the highest risk group for relationship troubles, with one in five Prime Ministers filing for a divorce with their former parties in the last ten years
Government Declares Zero Children In Detention Following Nauru’s Re-Classification As Immigration Playground
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton today announced that all children have been released from immigration detention centres. The change is largely
Turnbull Commits to Plebiscite on Whether to Hold Same-Sex Marriage Plebiscite
Mr Turnbull says $1000 million is a small price to pay to conclusively prove that the last 24 galaxy polls haven't just been random flukes
Tony Abbott Challenges for Liberal Leadership, Claims Turnbull Has “Accomplished Nothing”
BREAKING – The Liberal Party is scrambling to organise a second party ballot in just under 24 hours in response
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
Turnbull Looking Forward to Leading Liberal Party to Crushing Defeat
Incumbent Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has thanked friends and supporters following today’s leadership spill, saying he is honored and deeply
LIVE UPDATES: The Sauce Covers The Liberal Party Leadership Spill
Are you affected by this Leadership Spill? Do you have something you think is important to tell us, even though
Bronwyn Bishop Claims $1500 to Attend Opening of Champagne Bottle
Federal Speaker Bronwyn “No Not Julie” Bishop has been hit with more questions about her entitlements claims today, after it
Joe Hockey Books Surgery To Have Silver Spoon Removed From Mouth
Treasurer Joe Hockey has announced his intention to take a week off work amidst the ongoing furore over house pricing,
Continually Incompetent Treasurer Proof That Anyone Can Get A Job
SupportersĀ of Joe Hockey have come out in defense of the MP’s comments on the housing and job market, pointing out
Abbott Tells Wife He Is Unable to Take Out Garbage As He is Busy Focusing on the Budget
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has today refused to empty any dishwashers, take out any garbage or pass any laws that