Government Raises Spoiler Alert Level to Critical
The Australian government has this week raised the national spoiler alert rating to its highest level, warning of an imminent
Qantas is giving away 5 free tickets to the Gullible Isles to celebrate their 95th anniversary!
Congratulations lucky reader, you are one of the select 2 million Facebook users to be given the opportunity to win
Infidelity Website Launches Unrelated Dating App For Recently Divorced People
The creators of the infidelity website “Ashley Madison” have responded to claims that their website has destroyed thousands of marriages
Daniel Day-Lewis to Play Household Dog In New Musical
The world’s favourite non-cartoon dog (excluding Beethoven) is back. Lassie The Musical is set to hit cinemas late November, with Academy
Zaky Mallah on QandA
ABC accused of bias for airing all sides of debate
The ABC has today apologized for airing the opinion of someone who disagrees with a government policy, stating it had
What Housing Crisis? This 24 Year Old Inherited $50,000 Without Any Help From Her Parents!
If you were to believe the Reserve Bank, you’d think that Sydney was in the midst of some kind of
Local Man Trying His Hardest Not To Hear Any Spoilers About Kaleesi’s Death
Local man Aaron Bird has told reporters today he will be doing everything in his power to avoid hearing spoilers
Edelstens To Divorce If Gays Allowed To Marry, Also If Gays Are Not Allowed To Marry
Newly-wed Melbourne couple Geoffrey and Gabi Edelsten have announced to the press today that they are planning to divorce should
Canberra Couple Destroy High School Diplomas After Learning Gay People Also Allowed to Graduate
A Canberra couple who made the news this week by threatening to divorce over gay marriage has once again made headlines, announcing
Shannon Noll Waits By Phone In Case Guy Sebastian Gets Sick Before Eurovision
Former Australian Idol Runner-Up and ‘Gender-Neutral Names’ advocate, Shannon Noll, has declared himself ‘waiting’ and ‘ready’ to jump in and