Update: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

This post has now been edited to be an explanation because you’re all idiots.

Dear internet. Recently this picture has been bouncing round the world showing those lovable boobs at Fox News once again lowering the bar of journalism by misreporting a two-deep crowd at an anti-gay rally as an attendance of “millions”. Sorry to spoil your collective outrage, to rain on the party and poop on your parade, but this was, in fact just a bit of a lark on our part.

In other words, it’s a fake. A phony. A, as those kids in the ghetto say, “photo shop”. Those enlightened individuals among you who actually bothered to read the thing will no doubt have noticed the somewhat ridiculous claim that unmanned drones are now taking positions on governmental committees. As highly plausible as that it does sound that something called a drone would be involved with government, those sharp Sherlock shippers among you may well have put one and one together and deduced that this picture is, in fact, a forgery.

We had rather hoped that this little bit of hyperbole would be obviously over the top. Clearly we have either underestimated the stupidity of Fox News’s reporting, or the stupidity of people who have access to the internet. As optimists and firm believers in the inherent goodness of humanity, we will have to conclude that it is simply us that are the truly stupid ones, for not making this funny enough to be ignored like all our other jokes.

So this is the part where you get outraged. Clearly you’ve already demonstrated your capacity to do so by sharing this image all over the web, stripped of it’s association with it’s satirical sauce. Rage on we say. What’s important is where you direct your outrage. You can get angry at us, it would be well justified (and our social media guy is insisting we tell you to direct all outrage to our twitter and Facebook). More importantly though, you could get all new age up in here, and direct the outrage inwardly at yourselves.

Why the hell would you do that, you scream at this inanimate wall of text? Well because in doing so you will have learnt a valuable lesson in not believing things, just because a TV, newspaper or the internet says it is so (especially the internet thing). You will have learnt a lesson that all sources of information can be misleading, deceptive and downright lying bastards, no matter what side of politics they hail from. And most importantly you will have learnt a fucking important lesson in not doing exactly what you hated when you laughed and shared this picture in the first place. You know, those idiots who believe lies spread by the media? Yea, that’s you now.

So lets all laugh at ourselves for our collective silliness, have a moment of quite reflection on what in gods name we’re all doing with our lives, and then hold hands agree that Fox must be one really shitty news source if anyone would believe this whole darn thing in the first place.

I feel like we’ve all learned something today. Personally, I learned not to eat a whole packet of biscuits.

Sauce Out.