BREAKING: Population of Britain Admits It’s Bisexual for Tom Daley

The population of Britain has taken to social media today, to express a moving heartfelt and honest message of their bisexuality for Olympic Diver Tom Daley. In videos across YouTube, vloggers young, old, male and female poured out their hearts to the camera, explaining that they are emotionally and physically attracted to world famous gold-medal winning athletes regardless of gender.

“Up until now I would have classified myself as straight,” said one emotional vlogger, “but given that Tom Daley is now an option, I guess I’d have to say I’m bisexual. I just wanted you to know.”

The public response to these videos have been, for the most part, overwhelmingly positive, with the minor exception of an upset generation of thirteen year old girls, who complained that this new plethora of Tom Daley fans has ruined their previously high chances of dating the world famous athlete, though some took solace in the fact that he probably would have gone to jail if he had dated them anyway.

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