Baird seeks mandate to sell off the NSW government
Mike Baird at today's press conference

The NSW Premier Mike Baird has promised to sell off the NSW government if re-elected at the next election.

Speaking at a press conference today, Baird explained “For the last ten years, the NSW government has been making very unsustainable financial decisions, such as selling off income generating assets. We believe that the private sector will therefore be able to run the government far more efficiently than the public sector, and that will be a good thing for the Liberals’ mates and donors – ah, um, I mean the people of NSW.”

The announcement was made in the latest flyer for the Liberal party’s ‘Everything Must Go’ government firesale, adding to the existing bargains on electricity distributors, electricity transmitters, hospitals, TAFEsthe Powerhouse Museum and a limited edition press release with the letterhead “from the office of Premier O’Farrel“.


Opponents to the proposal claim that the government is too important to be simply sold to the highest bidder, however Baird has denied these claims, stating “What those people don’t realise is that after we sell off the state’s remaining assets, there won’t be anything left for the government to govern anyway, so really we’ll be making huge savings here in the long term.”

The Liberal government is expected to come up against fierce opposition from the Labor party on the issue, with the party leader Luke Foley coming out of hiding to contest the sale. “It is my firm belief, as well as the party’s belief that the state government cannot be sold by Mike Baird,” said the outraged minister. “Everyone knows you can’t sell something that you don’t own, and I think it’s a matter of public record that Eddie Obeid bought the NSW government years ago.”