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Mississippi Just Glad It’s Not Australia Right Now
Citizens of Mississippi have chosen to take today’s supreme court ruling on the chin, stating that while they were largely
Walmart Solves Mass Shooting Problem By Banning Sale of Flags
Carolina – Shopping mega-chain Wallmart has today resisted pressure from the public, who are calling on the supermarket to remove guns from its
What Housing Crisis? This 24 Year Old Inherited $50,000 Without Any Help From Her Parents!
If you were to believe the Reserve Bank, you’d think that Sydney was in the midst of some kind of
Local Man Trying His Hardest Not To Hear Any Spoilers About Kaleesi’s Death
Local man Aaron Bird has told reporters today he will be doing everything in his power to avoid hearing spoilers
Jehovahs Witness Dies After Refusing Unnatural Bungee Cord
  Local Jehovahs Witness Anne Colson is being remembered today as a vibrant and caring member of the community, following
Edelstens To Divorce If Gays Allowed To Marry, Also If Gays Are Not Allowed To Marry
Newly-wed Melbourne couple Geoffrey and Gabi Edelsten have announced to the press today that they are planning to divorce should
Canberra Couple Destroy High School Diplomas After Learning Gay People Also Allowed to Graduate
A Canberra couple who made the news this week by threatening to divorce over gay marriage has once again made headlines, announcing
Rupert Murdoch Retires, Citing Wish To Spend More Time With Money
Media Tycoon and Sith Lord Rupert Murdoch has signaled his intention to step down as CEO of 21st Century Fox
Joe Hockey Books Surgery To Have Silver Spoon Removed From Mouth
Treasurer Joe Hockey has announced his intention to take a week off work amidst the ongoing furore over house pricing,
Abbott Tells Wife He Is Unable to Take Out Garbage As He is Busy Focusing on the Budget
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has today refused to empty any dishwashers, take out any garbage or pass any laws that