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Tony Abbott
Abbott “Honored” To Be Given Second Chance To Lead Party To Crushing Defeat
Incumbent Prime Minister Tony Abbott has thanked friends and supporters following today’s failed leadership spill, saying he is honoured and
Tony Abbott Moves Spill Vote Forward to 5pm Yesterday
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declared a unanimous victory against would-be challengers following an announcement this morning that he decided to move the leadership vote to 5pm yesterday. In what Abbott is describing as a "captains call", the outgoing and incumbent PM explained that it had been in everyone's interests that the spill be over and done with as soon as possible, leading Abbott the call an extra-ordinary party meeting last night as he was preparing for dinner. The move is being seen by political commentators as an attempt by Abbott to stifle the chances of rival Malcolm Turnbull, by exploiting Turbull's inability to travel backwards in time. "To, ahh, be honest, I think Malcolm's no show at last night's meeting shows just how unfit, just how unfit, for the top job, he really is." said Tony at this morning's press briefing, over the course of twelve minutes. "In fact, I, ahh, was the only member of the party, ahh, on the ball enough to even be there at the meeting after I sent the email out at, ahh, 4:45pm, and that alone, that alone, really demonstrates that I'm the only person, the, ahh, only person, truly suited to this job."
Facebook crash forces public to resort to traditional stalking
Disturbing creeps world over are up in arms today as a result of technical problems that have made popular staking
Historic Knife Used By Captain Cook Stolen From Australian Parliament House
Administration at the Australian Parliament House are pleading for any witnesses to come forward following the disappearance of the ‘Australian
Taylor Swift Named Australian of the Year
The winner of the Australian of the Year awards has been announced early this year by the Australia Day Council,
Scientists Declare 2014 The Sexiest Year On Record
Citing a massive boost in the number of supermodels at 2014's Paris Fashion Week, combined with relative data about the increasing frequency of Edgerton brothers in Hollywood films, scientists from the UN's peak body on peak bodies have concluded that last year was officially the sexiest year on record. "We've suspected this for some time now," says Playboy article analyst Stan Williams, "but until we finally collated all the data we just couldn't say for certain. We knew that the globe has appeared to have been getting hotter since the release of Photoshop in 1992, and ever since Emma Watson and the Sprouse twins grew up we've seen that the signs of a potential global increase in hotness has long been on the cards. What we hadn't accounted for though was that our constant release of carbon into the atmosphere would create a smoky low-light haze across densely populated areas, a factor often correlated with a increase in people's desirability."
SMH Exclusively Covers Telegraph Story About Twitter Rumor of Melbourne Airport Bomb
Sources have confirmed tonight that according to like the Sydney Morning Hearld, the Daily Telegraph totally claimed that the Herald
Train driver goes extra mile for his job, gets fired
Veteran train driver Thomas Percy is looking for work after 50 years of loyal service to the train industry, following
Police Find Thousands of Explosives Rigged To Sydney Harbour Bridge
Speculation is suggesting the explosives were set to go off on New Years Eve in the midst of celebrations
FBI Faxes North Korea Demanding Answers Over Sony Hacking
News In Pictures: FBI Faxes North Korea Demanding Answers Over Sony Hacking