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Worlds Longest Interview, With QI Elf Dan Schreiber
Comedian Dan Schreiber is one of Australia’s most succesful, and yet least known exports. The Sauce’s Cameron Smith sat down
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
Turnbull Looking Forward to Leading Liberal Party to Crushing Defeat
Incumbent Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has thanked friends and supporters following today’s leadership spill, saying he is honored and deeply
John Kerry Cautiously Calls For All Out Nuclear War in South China Sea
US foreign secretary John Kerry has this weekend called for all out warfare in the South China sea, as a
Media Expresses Grave Fears That No Australians May Be Injured in Nepal Earthquake
Tensions are high in newsrooms across Australia this morning, following reports that a massive earthquake in Nepal may not have
Breaking News: Tony Abbott Says/Does Shocking Thing
The Prime Minister was met with an immediate and vocal backlash today following comments and/or actions that shocked the public,
Clive Palmer Resigns From Palmer United Party
Billionaire Tycoon and part time dinosaur wrangler Clive Palmer has today announced his resignation from the Palmer United Party, saying
Putin Not Dead Reports Man Covered in Suspicious Amount of Blood
Russian Deputy Leader and Former Presidental Sockpuppet Dimitri Medvedev has fronted the press late today to quell increasing speculation that Vladmir
Marriage Equality Float Getting Real Tired of Fucking Marching
It was a solemn and sober gathering that formed at Howards Storage World this week, as gay and lesbian activists
Homophobic Drug Dealer Really Struggling With Mardi Gras
Part-time narcotics dealer and full-time homophobe Dazza “Datsun” Wilson is widely considered one of Sydney’s Inner West’s hardest working pinger-pushers.
Rolf Harris To Represent Australia at This Year’s Eurovision Song Contest
Aussie expat and convicted felon Rolf Harris has expressed “delight and excitement” today at news that the 84 year old