Australian Satirists Take Day Off

Satirists across the nation have taken a well-deserved break today, after news emerged that the Liberal Party’s International Women’s Day event will take place at a ‘Men Only’ club.

The news comes as a relief to the professional satire community, who have spent the last 2 years working furiously to meet the Abbott Government’s repeated demands to be made fun of.

“It’s great”, said one satirist, who chose not to be named for reasons of journalistic integrity, but who is widely believed to be the author of this article. “Ever since this Government came in, I feel like I haven’t stopped making ironic jokes and pointing out hilarious absurdities at their expense. It’s nice that they are picking up some of the slack and are doing it themselves. I can finally see my kids”.

“Normally, I would write an article about how the actions of politicians could be taken to their extremes, resulting in highly illogical and completely made up situations. It’s nice to see that those situations are actually happening now”.

The Liberal Party itself, meanwhile, firmly defended its decision to host an event honouring women in a club that doesn’t allow women in it.

“Obviously, we are aware of the irony of the event”, said Prime Minister and Minister for Irony, Tony Abbott, in a press release.

“However, we believe the irony of the event is far outweighed by how good the whiskey is at this place. Seriously, it’s great”, continued Abbott, who is also the Minister for Whiskey and, alarmingly, the Minister for Women.

Despite the Liberal Party’s best efforts, however, Australian satirists can expect to be back at work as early as tomorrow morning, as PUP leader Clive Palmer has a press conference scheduled to be held outside a Hungry Jacks.