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Achievements of the Abbott Government To Date

This guest post by Matthew Davis originally featured on his website.
Liberal Front Bench

The Abbott Government has been in power for 341 days. This page contains a list of most of what they have done so far.

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The Economy and the Cost of Living ▸

Humanitarian Immigration and the Military ▸

Science, Technology and the Environment ▸

Education ▸

Welfare, Employment and Equity ▸

Indigenous Affairs and Multiculturalism ▸

Civil Rights and Ethics ▸

Military and Defence Matters ▸

Workplace Relations and Unemployment ▸

International Relations and Diplomacy ▸

Infrastructure ▸

Health ▸

Control of the Media, Corruption, Democracy and Transparency ▸

That's a total of 366 dot points in 341 days. Averaging 1.5 dot points per business day.

Matthew Davis is an independent writer and political reporter. He has previously written for the publication Tharunka, and is currently completing a bachelor of Engineering at the University of New South Wales.

199 Comments to “Achievements of the Abbott Government To Date”

  1. sometimes sue says:

    Wow! That is quite a list. It makes me feel very afraid for the next few years while we have this government running the country. Labor were far from perfect, but this is just plain scary. Australia is taking massive retrograde steps, and I do not think we can call ourselves the ‘Lucky Country’ anymore., or indeed even a democracy. Thank you for publishing this list.

    • cbbott is an aunt says:

      You said he appointed a man as Minister for Women. Than was actually cur abbott himself!
      Here’s just a few quote to make you women feel safe. Abbottisms from the Washington Post
      1970s: ”I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons.”
      2002: Virginity “is the greatest gift you can give someone.”
      2010: ”What the housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing is that if they get it done commercially it’s going to go up in price and their own power bills when they switch the iron on are going to go up.”
      2010: ”I probably feel a bit threatened” by homosexuals.

      • The Evanator says:

        “I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak.”

        • Peter Morris says:

          To the Evanator…that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read (well almost). It suggests that there is a point at which a man can make a woman have sex with him…maybe the relationship has already ended and its tine to move on. Of course its her absolute right to withhold.

          • Vikki says:

            Peter Morris – Unfortunately the Evanator was directly quoting our Prime Minister Abbott …. indeed a very sad state of affairs

  2. Ashlea says:

    But the Labor party broke a promise on the carbon tax and wasted money on the pink bats, so they are equal.

    • Bucky Dent says:

      Dude, did you even read this list?

    • Paul says:

      Please note that Julia Gillard said “There would be no Carbon Tax under the GOVERNMENT I lead.” After the election, she was in a COALITION government. The same that we are getting now with Abbott. In such a government you have to make deals to get what you want. It was a GREEN’s Party policy of a Carbon Price.

      • JohnB says:

        No, Gillard LIED. She broke a promise. No ifs, no buts.

        Also remember the hundreds of Labor promises of a budget surplus in 2011-12 and 2012-13. They delivered deficits instead.

        • Hazmat says:

          Labor saved us from the gfc you dimwit. Every country in the world is in debt apart from a select few. Take a few things into consideration next time.

          • Andrew says:

            Labor didn’t save us from anything. They used the GFC as an excuse to hand out ridiculously priced jobs to their union mates in construction by spending all the money the Coalition had put in the bank for us. It was simply not required. The GFC was due to banking collapses, which we had none of. The APRA requirements, which were put in place by the coalition, ensured our banking and insurance sector was much stronger than that of the USA and most European countries. We had no GFC.

          • Caleb says:

            labor “saved” us from the GFC because they had a surplus to work with left by the Howard government, who coincidentally CAME INTO office with $96bn of debt left for him to deal with.
            This is also the same surplus they were criticized for having in the first place, i would advise that you take a few more things into consideration. Labor did well to avoid the GFC in the circumstances that surrounded them, however to say that was all to do with labor is incredibly biased, they had gotten a huge leg up from the coalition surplus that they so heavily chastised.

          • Adrian says:

            The budget surplus from Howard was only $20b. Every economist that reported on the issue said that the GFC cost us $180b and would have cost twice that if it were not for labors stimulus package. The surplus made little to no difference.

            Look up the facts for yourself. There is plenty of information available from qualified experts with no political affiliation.

          • Brad says:

            Howard only had a surplus because he sold off public assets.

          • Carolyn says:

            Oh dear, I always suspected that there were some out there who believe “We had no GFC” and now it’s confirmed. Do you really believe Andrew that our country would have been immune from the impacts of the GFC if Labor didn’t take the actions they did? You need to extend your reading further because there’s plenty of information out there from reputable people qualified to comment on such matters who would say otherwise.

        • GavinB says:

          Gillard meant what she said so it was not a lie. In what universe is a change of mind a lie. In what universe is a compromise a lie. Even breaking a promise isn’t a lie. That’s just plain English 101 and to claim that Julia Gillard lied is to break the rules of English. It is just not true in any terms at all.
          In relation to the carbon tax, Abbott’s claim that Julia Gillard lied was more of a lie as he knew she had to compromise and he knew it was not a lie but a change of plan. So he was saying something that he knew at the time was not true. That is the simple definition of a lie.

        • Ian Joyner says:

          The difference between Gillard’s ‘lie’ and Abbott’s is that she meant it at the time – to have an ETS rather than Carbon tax. However, the carbon tax was a good outcome for a very serious problem. So circumstances forced Gillard to back down.

          In contrast Abbott’s lies were deliberately deceptive. And look at the string of them. This is the most despicable government.

          Deficits are what you get in economically bad times. That is not the fault of the government – they did the right thing.

        • Callum S says:

          The carbon tax was a great piece of policy, which didn’t go far enough. It was the most progressive environmental policy in the world. Despite taxing only 500 companies and not hurting all who pollute.
          Furthermore, aiming for a budget surplus was a mistake. There currently is a fetish for surpluses, so much so that it seems the only policy a government needs. We have a strong economy with a 13th of the debt that other nations have, but yet we continue to have problems, with our electricity production, health, education, infrastructure, immigration, and many more. We need to spend money to improve our nation now, and pay debts off in a future. A reasonable budget deficit is not a bad thing, and I think the Labour party should say so. And i believe that people like yourself, John, should be less concerned with personality politics and your own interests and be more interested in the clear needs of this country. Needs not at all serviced by Abbott’s long track record for screwing over the needy and paying off the rich, as evidenced above.

        • ikrek67 says:

          Abbott is an even bigger liar. Gillard never got a chance to be an even better PM than Abbott. He will be remembered for one thing, the damage to this country and it’s social fabric that his gov’t is causing is unbelievable and he will go down in history as one of the worst Prime Ministers ever.

        • Dan says:

          “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead, but let me be clear. I will be putting a price on carbon and I will move to an emissions trading scheme.” …that is the full quote

      • jtc says:

        Hey Paul – pays to pay attention mate:

        “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead, but lets be absolutely clear. I am determined to price carbon” – Julia Gillard

        “If you want to put a price on carbon, why not do it with a simple tax?” – Tony Abbott

      • pv says:

        Paul, Coalition is centre right. When did Julia change sides?

    • R. Balfour says:

      Anthea, that is hardly the same thing. Abbott and Co. are liars and hypocrites. They are out of touch and I wish they were out of office. They will turn this nation into a third world country where only the wealthy can access medical care and education. The poor and elderly will be adversely and irretrievably affected by this government’s actions! They are beyond contempt!!

      • Jay says:

        Bahahahahah, @ a third world country, from a nation that considers a family of 4 on less than $900 per week as BELOW THE POVERTY LINE… Now who is a contemptuous liar..

    • Brian Griffin says:

      So Ashlea, you argue both major parties are liars and fiscally inept – but for the last 70 years we have voted for either one. Do you think perhaps it is time for us to look in the mirror and ask “what are we voting for?”

    • kerrymb says:

      Are you friggin kidding me.Read the list not the Telegraph

    • Callie G says:

      The National Rental Property Insulation Programme was Not a waste of money. Millions of rental properties were provided with insulation that firstly , reduced heating and cooling costs immediately, thereby reducing power bills for tenants. The Programme itself provided thousands of jobs and a huge injection of cash flow into the economy at the height of the Global Financial Crisis, playing a large part in preventing economic downturn and possible recession.
      The carbon pricing scheme was something that should have been introduced a long time ago , we have one of the lowest PPT carbon emission cost in the world and all polluters have the chance of reducing their carbon cost by reducing their emissions. It is not a tax , it is not collected by the Govt. and held in coffers. The CPS works like a bank account and the more carbon credits you have the less interest you pay , if you have enough credits you can trade them like gift vouchers with other companies and you can if done carefully reduce your carbon emissions costs to nil thereby paying nothing.

    • Roger says:

      Blinkered much ??

  3. Nick Cowling says:

    Holy crap…I can’t even process all of this.

    • Derek says:

      You don’t need to, why would anyone waste their time, some people build some tear down. That’s where the Labor Party makes it easy, Deaths (batts and immigrants at sea,) Unfunded (NDIS, NBN, Gonski,) Debt (3 billion headed to 6 bill costing us 1 bill an month in interest) I wonder what we could do with an extra billion a month.

      • Graeme says:

        Les than we could spend on the Hockey more than doubling
        Said debt to make the previous government look bad doofus

        • Anthony says:

          dont give that lies about hockey doubling it. labor commited this country to spending for the next 4 years. what a rude as hell goverment to say hey ima commit the next party to what we want regardless of weather australia agrees or not in the election.

          • Mick says:

            The Howard government committed Australia to 14 billion worth of joint strike fighters to be built in the USA. Shit planes, heaps of issues, not the best fighter jet and 14 billion tax dollars goes to another country. Also Hockey borrowed 8.8 billion from the world bank and gave it to the RBA when advised by the RBA not to.

          • claggers says:

            two very good points, both articulately put…

          • Trish says:

            So what you’re saying is that no govt should commit to anything that will last longer than their elected term. Welcome to Australia. Short sighted people governed by short sighted rulers.

      • jane says:

        HIP deaths four, three of which were deemed to be employer responsibility, one of which occurred when the employee deliberately ignored his employer’s demand the metal staples not be used. The employee discarded the plastic staples provided by his employer and purchased metal staples which caused his death.

        HIP insulated 1.1 million houses. there were four deaths and 127 fires. Prior to HIP, there were eight deaths per 67,000 installations, but not a word mentioned about those tragic accidents.

        You might like to consider those statistics before making further comment

        Asylum seeker deaths are tragic, however the alleged angst by Liars and their barrackers seem pretty hypocritical considering the treatment meted out to them in the Coalition’s concentration camps all of which has been roundly condemned by the UN.

        I’d be interested to know the interest rate on that $3bn. According to your figures it is 33%. Highly unlikely. You might also consider that that Hockey has borrowed $60bn+ since the election. Any chance that would affect the interest payment?

      • L.Baker says:

        But, have you realised? the majority funding is being redistributed, not put into paying down debt or establishing some sovereign wealth fund. It will be redirected into infrastructure spending of dubious credibility – while the same people who might have advised on the efficacy of such spending are being sacked. It truly looks like they are combining the worst parts of Keynesian and Friedman economics, with just a dash of cronyism on the side. (About the only thing they got right so far is to unfreeze the fuel excise. The cost of maintaining roads goes up with the cost of oil fuels, and this was a real drain on the budget.)

        P.S. your debt numbers are off by quite a bit.

      • James says:

        You just made me literally facepalm.

        It is awful and terrible that people died due to the Batts scheme. The whole thing is being investigated with good reason.

        It’s even more so=ad that people are dying at sea… but you think it’s better that we spend obscene amounts of money detaining immigrants in offshore detention centres where locals can and have broken in and murdered and abused them? The current and two previous Governments could be charged with assisting Genocide and war crimes for the way they’ve approached asylum seeker policies. Hell, they’re lying openly every time they say “illegal” immigrants, because it’s not illegal to seek asylum.

        The NBN would be self-funding so calling it unfunded is a misunderstanding of basic Infrastructure Economics. The NDIS is social Engineering and should have been funded by carbon pricing and mining taxes (along with about 10 other social engineering programs that benefitted the disadvantaged). Gonski was mostly about reforming the Education system. The goddam fucking EDUCATION system. Like Jesus Christ man, do you not want future generations to have it better than we do?

        And Debt, 3 billion to 6 billion… I have no idea where you’re getting your number from but they’re completely incorrect… and even if they were, you don’t seem to understand National Debt Economics and how it’s approached at all.

      • Ian Joyner says:

        Derek: “I wonder what we could do with an extra billion a month.” That’s a silly question Abbott and Hockey would not do anything with it.

        The pink batts was a very worthy program – get funds into the economy, give young people employment, and insulate homes reducing energy consumption (cheaper bills). Tragically, because of the stupidity of how it was done in Queensland, four young people died. However, the lack of public service oversight in these schemes is down to the Liberals and the way they cut the public service. Now they try to make out their own mistakes are the fault of Labor. Four young people dying is as much down to the Liberals as to Labor.

      • Fireman says:

        Under the Howard govt an average of 250 workers a year died at work. With safer regulations that dropped to around 200 under Labor and yet everyone harps on 4 deaths of inexperienced tradesmen. 7 years of Labor = over 300 lives saved.
        Under Howard at least one boat was lost with 350 people on board, others are known to have left Indonesia and were never seen again. How did everybody forget these? Oh that’s right, Murdoch media just ignored them like it does anything anti-Liberal.

        • Coops says:

          Thanks Fireman – I just know there must be many young people in the building business dying every year. Shows what a witch hunt this commission really is.
          Why don’t our journos give us the facts not just the biased reporting we are getting.

    • Rhys Sutton says:

      Vote below the mother fucking line, why don’t we? We rely on two parties to not fuck us and surprise surprise all they do MOST of the time is take a large erect government standard dick and shove it up our dry anus. Vote below the line, screw the major parties!

  4. Douglas says:

    Missed an important one:
    In the Budget, under Medicare Benefits Schedule — introducing patient contributions for general practitioner, pathology and diagnostic imaging services:
    “The measure will also remove the restriction on State and Territory Governments from charging patients presenting to hospital emergency departments for general practitioner like attendances.”
    So, if you go to The emergency dept, and they judge you could have been treated by a GP, they can charge you for the treatment.

    • Beverley Lee says:

      Heaven forbid, I am having trouble taking it all in. Time to get rid of Abbott and his cronies.

  5. Gregory Long says:

    Put him down. He is sick.

  6. kay says:

    Did you forget marriage counselling vouchers?

  7. Austriaal says:

    Terrifying. Worst government in Australian history.

  8. broady says:


  9. Jack says:

    Need we go on?

    • alf says:

      Paid ‘bribe’ money (from our taxes) for biased ‘services rendered’ to Murdoch(..and others) ;in excess of $800million which favours his Foxtel Operations (and others) ,potentially to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars!!!!

  10. Phil says:

    Pyne called shorten a grub not a c&$#. Otherwise a lot of this is true.

    • Mike says:

      Not to my ears. I’ve watched that video and listened very carefully and there’s no way he’s saying grub.

    • Elric says:

      Have you actually seen/heard the footage? It sounds like a pretty clear c-bomb to me

      • Katie says:

        He said as he walked past, ” you such a c#*! ” speaker then speaks,

      • Lyndy says:

        He obviously said C*#! – why do we all the discussion about waste time talking about what word he used instead of talking about his show of disrespect for the Parliament and Bronwyn Bishops misuse of the position of Speaker.

      • Lyndy says:

        He obviously said C*#! – why do we waste time talking about what word he used instead of talking about his show of disrespect for the Parliament and Bronwyn Bishops misuse of the position of Speaker.

        • Brendan says:

          I am a stupid head who uses inappropriate language on a public comments section and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt.

    • Suse says:

      Not only did it not sound like the word ‘grub’, but it didn’t look like it either. The movements the mouth makes when sounding certain phonemes is very different, and the difference between a word ending in ‘nt’ and ‘ub’ is quite pronounced. The movements his mouth made were consistent with a word ending in ‘nt’.

    • bob says:

      Sir, You would be the first and only person I have read or spoken to that heard grub, when did you last have your hearing checked?

    • Cynic says:

      I listened to it several times “grub” does not end with a “t” a insult rhyming with punt does. Either way Pyne needed to be kicked out after all a Labor member had been kicked out for call Abbott a grub. But Bishop let Pyne stay because he is a Liberal and she could not figure out a way to throw the Labor member out for being offensive by inciting the swearing against him.

    • Coops says:

      It wasn’t grub!

  11. lee says:

    I counted about $20 billion in cuts from the information provided. Kinda funny how even with such dramatic cuts, the ‘budget emergency’ still isn’t fixed yet…

    • Alexander says:

      Doesn’t help that they spent at least that much on shiny new jets…

    • Suse says:

      Considering that last year’s Nobel Laureate in Economics has predicted that the budget measures will effect a 2% reduction in GDP – which is about 30 billion per year, I’d love to see their justification for measures that will slow economic growth at a rate equal or above the proposed ‘savings’.

      • alex dante says:

        I expect they’ll blame any economic damage from their actions on Labor, possibly even claiming they’d mitigated it and it would have been worse without them.

  12. Josh says:

    What about denying the fact that his daughters scholarship which was given by a liberal campaign supporter, was given as a gift. Or what about that he got in and another of his daughters instantly gets a job in an overseas embassy?

  13. Geoff says:

    Watch money go to feather the nests of their “mates” who will be the first to offer them employment after the next election.. I hope Gina hires each one of them for 3 dollars a day to work in her mines..

  14. Mila says:

    This government seems to have done clear away with a social conscience. It’s actually embarrassing to tell people you’re Australian these days.

  15. jan stewart says:

    I apologise if I am incorrect but quite frankly my brain is reeling from that long list of accomplishments …… you may have missed…..Abbott has removed the group overseeing adoption and has loosened the way for traffickers and pedaphiles to bring in adopted children to Australia. There will no longer be strictly controlled agreements.

  16. Chris says:

    He is just cleaning up the mess Labour government made.

    • Poida says:

      Care to detail what this “mess” was?
      With facts?

    • Poida says:

      Care to detail what this “mess” was?
      With facts?

      Oh, it’s spelled LABOR, dimwit.

    • miranda says:

      What a load of crap.
      A. its spelt LABOR.
      B. The Labor government is applauded world wide for the injection of funds they put in as soon as they got into power to forgo the GFC, brought on by the actions Of John Howard and many other global leadeers for the years before the crisis.
      C. Its obvious you have not read the above points, because destroy heritage forrests and refusing freee housing food and clothing for children confined in barbaric conditions, or buying junky old planes for 24 billion dollars, among about 100 other points, have nothing to do with the Labor government.

      • Mitch says:

        1. Stimulus was indeed necessary, but when a lot of it ends up in the hands of foreign companies it is inefficient and wasteful stimulus. It should have been regulated spending, in the form of goods and service vouchers for Australian based businesses… not a few $900 cheques given to the majority of living Australians (and a few dead ones apparently) to buy imported goods with.
        2. Swan and Gillard left a shitload of debt as it was, imagine if they didn’t have the multi billion dollar surplus when they came into power? I wonder who left that in the bank for them?
        2. “The GFC was brought on by the actions of John Howard….” Wow.

        • Matt says:

          Ok, i’ve sort of had enough of this now. The Howard years were fortunate ones lining up the the infrastructure period of the mining boom, the Rudd/Gillard years however lined up exactly with the GFC. Now it doesn’t take a genius to look up the fiscal graphs on our own government website to see the real picture.
          Expenditure during the Rudd/Gillard government was indeed a little higher than that of the Howard years, HOWEVER, during the Howard years, revenue peaked at over 26% GDP and was very steady around that 26% mark whilst expenditure stayed between 24-25% GDP, if we were to project the spending during the Rudd/Gillard years over the Howard years, Australia would still have seen a surplus, because there was just so much money coming in. Move into the Rudd/Gillard years and within 2 short years due to the GFC revenue dropped a staggering 4% GDP. If Howard was in power during those years, we would have still accrued debt. The major reason for our current debt was the sudden drop in revenue due to the GFC, not unweildly expenditure which was sitting at just over 25% GDP on average. The biggest fallacy that exists in our society right this second is that Australia wasn’t affected by the GFC because we didn’t go into recession, well the data proves we were affected, and the sudden drop in revenue is the main reason for our current fiscal position. Furthermore, the graphs clearly show a steady upward trend of revenue rising from the worst of the GFC, continuing that trend would have put us into a budget surplus somewhere around the 2017 mark (based off the graph) if the trend were to continue.

          Now, i just wish people would stop pedaling this political crap that “Labor put us in this mess and now we have to clean it up”, this mess would have been about the same regardless of the Government in power at the time. I’m not saying Labor was perfect, but those who agree so strongly with this current government about our fiscal position, the (false) reasons for it, and then letting the current government restructure our society whilst potentially driving us into a recession based off these flat out lies really need to get off the band wagon and educate themselves in the realities of the situation. There’s no doubt we’re currently in debt, and need to rein this debt in somewhat, but many factors must be considered, it’s useless saving $20 billion in potential debt interest if we lose much more than that in the falling of our GDP.

          • Kim says:

            Well explained Matt, I am going to post this to my face book page, will of course credit you. Just think it is important to have a clear view point without the hate or taking political sides. Cheers Kim

        • Ruth S says:

          Perhaps if the Howard government had fulfilled their responsibility and used the surplus from taxes we all paid to maintain health, education, roads, transport … (in fact all the things we entrusted them to look after,) instead of giving a little bit of it back to each tax payer, the country might not have needed as much money to fix these areas when Labor took over. Individuals can’t make a significant difference in these areas. That’s why we pay taxes and elect governments.

    • K says:

      Spoken like a true brainwashed Lib supporter.

    • Bryce says:

      I just thought he was being funny, & making a Liberal leadership style statement.

    • Fireman says:

      Howard presided over a boom time never before seen in history but it wasn’t his doing. The contracts to sell Iron ore, Coal and timber to China and LPG to Japan were put in place by Hawke and Keating. Howard credits them for this in the series of interviews after he was dumped. So those contracts brought in something like an ‘additional’ $260 billion windfall. What did Howard to with that ‘extra’ money? Well try and find any new infrastructure during that 11 years. No new airports or sea port, no new freeways, no new rail links even though he could have built the high speed Melbourne to Sydney link six times over with that. But it was all wasted on rubbish. Planes that didn’t do what they were supposed to, dude submarines etc. Then as his term was coming to an end and he had blown the entire $260 billion and more! He sold off assets that were actually earning Australia income. Qantas, Telstra, 23 airports including all major capitols and secondary airports, 45 government departments and then 70% of our gold bullion reserve at bargain basement price. This fire sale raised about $70 billion. So please understand if I’m not jumping for joy that the LNP brag about leaving a $20 billion ‘surplus’ when they sold $70 billion of assets to do it, in a boom economy.

  17. Dieter says:

    Amazing, but what we should not forget are the LIES IN THE FIRST PLACE!! ELECTION NOW!!

  18. troy says:

    what about how abbott got a pedo priest off charges?

    what about how he stole 8 grand to promote his garbage book and quickly paid it back once busted?

  19. cam says:

    * Climate “Commission”, not “coalition”.
    But. Wow.

  20. Nic says:

    That would be 3100 from the ATO, not 500

  21. Dale says:

    An interesting list, sure. But the main content of the list was spending cuts. When the country is running at 26% spending relative to GDP compared to just receiving 23% of revenue relative to GDP, we can’t continue to spend money like we have grown used to.

    Here’s some alternate reading:

    • miranda says:

      Completly true, we do have to create a SUSTAINABLE Australia, but selling off our assets and corporate welfare is not the way to go. This government has no idea what their actual job is.
      Adding up all the money they have cut to the the social infrastructure of our country does not even add up to half the ridiculous amounts of money they are spending on “border protection”, fighter jets, and corporate welfare.
      They are removing everything that makes Australia a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY, and replacing these rules with the rules inplace in 3rd world countries.
      THe lack of foresight is atrocious.

    • Russ says:

      Except… The problem is in tax avoidance, tax loopholes, etc, not overspending. Except for the GFC, spending rates have remained largely unchanged as a %of GDP since the Howard years. Revenue has dropped.

  22. Pixie Kath says:

    Amazing and distressing list, but Sarah Murdoch (chair of the ballet organisation to receive $1M more funding), is Rupert’s daughter-in-law, his son Lachlan’s wife, not his daughter.

  23. Martin says:

    Excellent article, and terrifying.
    Correction required on the NDIS point; it was Labor who renamed it DisabilityCare, before that name was dropped, and to be fair there were no changes to NDIS funding or timetable in this budget.

  24. Cheryl Hayward says:

    Couldn’t get past calling Shorten a cunt. Quite apart from the fact that he is, this item is totally incorrect, as I’m sure most if them are.

    • Jay says:

      Ah, the deaf ears of a moron.

      Watch the video with the volume turned up. Plain as day princess.

    • miranda says:

      There is no excuse for a man in Christopher Pynes position calling ANYONE that name in public, let alone in his place of work, a position that is supposed to be one of the most dignified in Australia.
      And you are the reason Australia is in the predicament it is in. Your willingness to remain ignorant, (in this case by admitting you did not read the article) but still commenting and “debating”in the negative against it, shows the blindsighted, pathetic ideology you follow.

  25. Helen says:

    I have always said that Abbott looks sleazy and he is!!

  26. Heather says:

    I don’t often say this, but Oh My god (OMG).

  27. Dylan says:

    Forgot the 1.5% reduction in company tax I think.

  28. Jessica says:

    A correction re: the ballet funding. Although the extra $1M to the ballet clearly shows favouritism, you cited that it is chaired by Rupert Murdoch’s daughter, which is untrue- Sarah Murdoch married into the Murdoch family, she’s Rupert’s daughter in law.

  29. Paul Winkler says:

    Wow! They haven’t done much then.

  30. Sam says:

    Hahahahahaahahahaahahahahahaaa! Hey,most of you morons voted for this prick when you voted against Labor. Voting for any of the factional parties like the Greens, Palmer United, Australian Sex Party, etc. is the same as voting Liberal, because these smaller parties will do anything to get a seat, such as selling their preferences to whichever of the two major parties that is likely win the election. No matter how much you protest about it, there are only two parties to vote for: Labor and The Coalition (Liberals and The Nationals). WAKE UP!!!
    P.S. Kevin Rudd might have been a pain in the arse as a person, but I couldn’t give a shit about personality – I care about policy, intelligence and inclusive leadership. Australians voted for Abbott based solely, SOLELY, on being convinced that Rudd’s personality is bad. Fucking morons!

    • Roger Colclough says:

      Yes, true but Labor did not have the fortitude of either Rudd or Gillard. They ran
      scared and as a result got shafted by the ignorant

    • bob says:

      Um, why are you laughing? your in the same boat as us even if you didn’t vote them in which means your just as much a part of the process and as a result just as responsible (and yes I donkey voted which is just as bad) and mate you say wake up, but I see someone who can’t lookout side the box, calling others morons but you seem to be just as committed to an ideology that doesn’t work. how bout we truly think outside the box and give the system some real reform and mate for someone who prides themselves on intelligence you would want to start showing it by being a bit more humble :-)

    • Matt says:

      Actually, that’s not exactly how our preference system works. You are right when you talk about those that vote “above the line” and essentially follow the preferences of that party’s “how to vote” card, but “voting below the line”, that is, actually preferencing who you want to preference in the order you wish to puts that vote completely in your hands. The issue isn’t so much with the smaller parties “selling their preferences”, it’s with the Australian people who have been told to take control of their vote and instead just following the “how to vote” cards. So not quite as clear cut as you make it.

  31. Davide says:

    Cut $16 million from ANSTO, Australia’s only source of medical isotopes.

    – this one is INCORRECT, the source is a 2008 article on something the previous Rudd government did. A shame because a Liberal supporter I was arguing with just discounted the whole list because of this error. (typical Lib tactic), but annoying that he was correct none the less.

  32. M says:

    ‘Appointed yet another straight, white cisgendered male as Governor General.’

    You forgot age; ‘old’. Cannot forget to divide people along age either now :P

  33. Stephen says:

    This is the government that promised what they were not going to and never said anything about what they “were” going to. Kept the focus on the opposition for the entire of their campaign and all the imbeciles that voted for them, I hope you are satisfied!!

  34. Alex says:

    FYI the note on the debt ceiling: it’s $200 billion not million.

  35. Ann says:

    I couldn’t even get through the list because there was one I kept thinking about and that was how he actually did one thing right…….. yes shock horror….. he froze politicians wages……. but only after he and Neumann gave themselves massive wage rises that is. So it falls into the category of total fail.

  36. miranda says:

    I didnt see anything on him lifting the limit for 457 VISAS allowing free reign to companies and corporations to hire cheap imported labour, taking much needed jobs out of Australian hands.

    He is destroying not only the saftey nets that make Australia a civilised “developed”nation but also Australians ability to sustain and suport its land and people.
    THe whole thing is terrifying.

  37. Vince says:

    Why is it that those on handouts or want handouts
    are the only ones complaining. Seriously ! Get
    a job and pay tax like the majority of hard working

    • Rob says:

      Get your facts straight Vince – I have never had a handout and I’ve likely paid as much if not more tax than you – and I’m part of a large group of people in a similar situation that fit in to your “hard working Australian” category and I’m disgusted with many of the absolutely stupid and heartless decisions being made. And most of them don’t affect me particularly adversely at all – but I, and I would hope many Australians, unlike you actually give a shit about vulnerable people in out society. You are a selfish dickhead – plain and simple. If you don’t like a society that cares about the little guy then ill happily accept your passport and pay for your flight somewhere else – as long as you stay away for good.

      • Vince says:

        I doubt very much you have paid as much tax as I have.
        Are you talking about the vulnerable uni students that
        abuse the Hecs system. So it’s ok for the majority who’s parents paid
        private school tuition, but fail to pay their uni fees.
        As far as the $7 co payment. It’s capped at ten visits for pensioners.
        Or maybe you’re talking about those 100′s of thousands abusing the disability
        pension or then again those on the dole for life and still work.
        couple of days a week for cash.
        I gladly donate and give up my time to a charity in need. Do you? Btw no need to give you my passport , I’m a happy born and bred Australian.

        • Laura says:

          Vince, I happen to be currently studying at university, I will at the end of the year be graduating, which means because I have chosen to put my education first and not work whilst I study I will be unable to pay my rent unless I find a job the day I finish, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. I did not want to go to uni and dedicate myself to my degree for three years to not even be given a grace period to find a job within the field I have chosen to study. I have worked since I was 17 and I have only not worked whilst studying (I am 27 now). The only uni to offer a degree for my chosen industry is in a different state to my parents. These budget choices effect me, my parents are not rich I went to public school so I do not have the luxury of relying on them for support. It doesn’t make any sense for a government to put the younger generation at risk and at a higher disadvantage when trying to improve their lives. The $7 co-payment may not seem like much to you, however it is a lot for those who are already below the poverty line (which if you receive welfare you are in that category), the people who medicare is supposed to be in place to help. I truly hope you never find yourself in a situation where you need help getting back on your feet but, if you do I hope people treat you with a bit more compassion and respect than what you are showing.

        • Rob says:

          No I’m talking about policies that punish the vulnerable for the systemic abuses of others. Everything you are saying is occurring – but a policy that punishes everyone to stop the offenders is ridiculous. Particularly when it punishes those who have nothing already. $70 in copayments might not be much for you and me – but it’s the difference between able to eat or keep shelter for many others – many others who have not wroughted the system whatsoever.

          I spend a lot of time and money helping a number of charities and causes in need as well – but if I adopted your attitude then I wouldn’t do it at all in case the beneficiaries were not deserving.

          I was only suggesting you give up your passport as you clearly have no connection to the type of Australia that the majority of us want – one that doesn’t stereotype the poor as being a bunch of dole cheating, lazy do-nothings. The overwhelmingly negative response from people from all political persuasions is more than enough proof of the will of the majority.

        • Trish says:

          It’s capped at 10 visits for CHRONIC illness only. I.e. If you go to your doctor with something not related to your chronic illness you will have to pay the co-payment.

    • Sallie says:

      Vince – no hand outs here, pay a lot of tax, but not happy Vince, not happy with what the Coalition is doing with it.

    • A. Cat says:

      Or, how about I don’t, because I have a chronic illness and can barely walk or see some days let alone work.

      How about you shut up, work your job and pay taxes to support people who are entitled to so-called “hand-outs,” as that is how this system works. Don’t like it? Too bad.

  38. Coli Mc says:

    None of the “Labor broke promises” crowd seem to remember Howard and Costello saying they would never be a GST? Short sighted much?

  39. John says:

    Vince: I am 61. The benefits I have ever received were 2 weeks unemployment (for which I was grateful), plus children’s govt education. Barely used a doctor & hospitals used for births. Never cashed school bonus cheques for children.

    This is the worst-crafted, most draconian budget I have experienced in the UK or Australia. It is based on a heap of lies and therefore illegitimate. It is UNFAIR (even the Gov line now is only they “strive for fairness”). imho this budget should be thrown out and there should be a new election.

    There area LOT more people complaining than you seem to know.

    Get out a bit more and you’ll find out.

  40. william hawken says:

    I knew he was a failed Jesuit. Now he is what? Some misguided prelude to post Thatcherism, Raygunism? Milton Freidman reincarnated? It is a lost concept based on an essential error. Australia has a higher child poverty rate than New Zealand. The free country. Scandinavia has the answer. Wealth among the few is orchestrating poverty among the many. The impoverished will respond almost immediately

  41. Dave says:

    And we are still fixing up labors screw ups. So much to do!

    • Sally says:

      Clear off you jerk. Same old tired response from a rusted on screwball tory. Why is it so hard for you Libs to actually admit this government are heartless bastards. Perhaps it’s because you are one yourself.

    • Megan says:

      I agree. People are looking at the financial cuts made by Liberal and are not taking into account the financial debt Australia experienced which left us with only $20 billion in debt, which totalled at $200 billion after Labor came into power and left us with five consecutive deficits. Sorry to all you Labor supporters but the truth is that the budget isn’t supposed to facilitate a main purpose of equality and government benefits aren’t supposed to be considered as ‘income’. Financial budgets and re-direction of spending is supposed to strengthen the economy, boost employment rates and allow working Australians to gain the benefits of the income they deserve.

      The Labor government has created a culture in which people work less because of their dependency on handouts from the government. People earning above the bracket contribute 60% of their income to tax already, which is then handed out by the Labor government to those who are unemployed or earning below the bracket. Tax being handed to those who earn less due to uncontrollable factors such as disability or maybe Indigenous Australian disadvantage I believe is fair. But when the people who have worked hard and have studied, gained a university degree and climbed to the top of a profession are then forced to give up a large percentage of their income to facilitate the handouts paid to those who have decided to work less and depend on government benefits – that’s just wrong.

      People should receive the money they deserve from working hard. People who are unable to do so due to other factors such as disability, I agree, should get handouts. BUT the people who are capable of working full-time to earn and support themselves but choose not to SHOULD NOT be rewarded by receiving money from those who do.

      • Abaddon says:

        You’re a myopic elitist with a dystopian perspective on the poor and disadvantaged. The Housos aren’t draining your pay-packet, and the deficit is minuscule. If Labor had been spending so exorbitantly, then all Abbott had to do was stop it. But he couldn’t, because there wasn’t any unnecessary spending, that’s why he’s taking money from places like welfare and public services to fund his ideological paradigm shift.

        You’re a paranoid idiot, in short.

      • Ecks Why Zed says:

        Megan, look up the term “infrastructure deficit”. The game Howard played was to avoid spending on infrastructure and using the savings from record mining returns for an “electoral war chest” (his term).

        It’s always the same game, the Libs refuse to invest because they want to give it all over to private, then Labor spends a bomb getting things done that the private sector won’t or can’t do and are then criticised relentlessly by the deeply biased self-interested Murdoch media (who own 70% of Australia’s media).

      • Fireman says:

        You have a lot to learn about economy Megan. Labor actually spent a lot LESS than Howard did but it was the INCOME side that dried up due to the GFC. Basically the USA stopped buying from China so China reduced the purchase of our resources. It was the drop in income not an increase in spending. Secondly Howard sold $70 billion worth of taxpayers owner assets before he was dumped. Libs keep doing this, selling things that MAKE money. They sell the most profitable for short term gain but then we don’t own it anymore. Once it’s in corporate hands they get greedy and triple the prices. Look at your power bills and phone bills since Lib government sold all these utilities to their already rich mates.
        As for high tax on those who have gained a University degree. Well even if they took out loans and repaid all of their HECS fees they are still only paying for between 25 and 40% of the cost of their education. The taxpayers pick up the tab for the rest. So I think it only fair that they pay a higher rate of tax so the next generation can do exactly what they did.
        And Labor Governments ‘created’ these welfare dependent people? Go back to the history books and the Welfare system in Australia, New Zealand and the UK were all established under Liberal governments. You have a lot of gaps in YOUR education it appears.

    • Alex says:

      Spending money on drones and fighter jets aint gonna help.

  42. Peter says:

    Tried to raise the debt ceiling by $200 million.

    Should read “Tried to raise the debt ceiling by $200 Billion” I believe.

  43. Andrew says:

    “We” sounds like a liberal lover – Labour might have Benn stewing up but this labour govt is doing the whole country from behind!

    I think we need a military coup like Thailand and jail this moron , Christ hugging, women hating, still livin in the 50′s, back water, slime bag, no idea how much worse than labour, gay hating, wife ironing, lying, pencil dick Prime Minister.

    This list isn’t scary – it’s sounds like something out of a horror moving or a book about how a country wound the clock to when when we were dressed in our Knightware and kissing fair Dames.

    We need to put Tony A in jail – period ! On Manys island too. Next thing GE make it mandatory to go to church and go home to beat the missus.

    Get rid of him before this country goes down the toilet.

    • Vince says:

      You are right in one sense….. This labor gov’t is doing the whole country
      from behind……… day you may happy and realise that the LNP may actually get the budget in surplus then your welfare may then be increased .
      Seriously this hysteria has gone mad.

  44. Preston Smith says:

    Sorry, the internet jumbled my message, it should read:

    Hello, I’m an American who has never visited Australia but I’m alarmed at these details. Socialism is a dirty, filthy word here, you WILL get pointed out and stared at for mentioning it in a bar. Jesus Christ was a brutal Capitalist, don’tcha know???

    Please note that our parties are labeled differently than yours. In short Liberal in Oz = Conservative Republicans in US. Labor in Oz = Democrats in US. That said, A WORD OF CAUTION: Abbott seems eerily similar to Ronald Reagan, the Hollywood cowboy Republican who changed America forever. On his election in 1980, America had a healthy 24% Unionized workforce. Today, based on his theory of “trickle down economics,” only 7% of the US remains Union members, including me. “Trickle down” is the idea that, by giving massive tax cuts and rewards to the CORPORATIONS and WEALTHY CLASS, it will magically create jobs by these “givers” for the “takers,” ya know… the peasants and surf class. This is beyond insulting, but now the poor people who vote Republican are actually so brainwashed by propaganda, they fight for this model (we are the only advanced country WITHOUT universal healthcare because Reagan promoted “personal responsibility”).

    Pensions have been destroyed in favor of unpredictable Wall Street 401k’s, which was originally designed for the rich people during the mid-80′s as a gambling scheme. Basically, you contribute every pay check to the Stock Market, and upon retiring, maybe you’ll have a little something, or maybe not. Oh well, that’s life. I’m a school teacher in a field with one of the last remaining pensions (along with police/fire & federal workers)…… now our pensions are being targeted by the rich “as a tax drain on the economy.” The evil Conservatives are trying to switch us to the Stock Market plan!!!!!! I just can’t make this stuff up.

    Coincidentally, we now have the widest income inequality gap among all advanced nations. The middle class is disappearing… people work paycheck to paycheck, yet have been told they neeeeed that big gas-guzzling SUV, they neeeeeed that big flat-screen tv.

    Reagan REMOVED solar panels off the President’s White House in ’86 (installed just prior to his arrival by a Democrat). Barack Obama has recently re-installed solar on the President’s roof as a symbol of alternative energy.

    Unfortunately, Barack Obama has become a slave to the lobbyists, wealthy corporations, and Capitalist Wall Street, that now he’s a powerless pawn. And Hillary Clinton in 2016 will be the same. FACT: The minimum wage an employer must pay you is $7.25/hr, before taxes. Wage increases are never guaranteed and you must pay for your own healthcare (somehow). FACT: The average age of a fast food worker in America is 29 years old.

    So, you ask, why don’t Americans protest like Greece, Oz, or Brazil? I ask myself this all the time. The Millennials (youngest adult generation) are 1] scared of the militarized police-state, 2] scared to be fired from their coveted, pathetic, low-wage jobs, 3] the Conservative Republicans have succeeded with their brilliant method of chipping away at the stone foundation and, over time, it crumbles, becoming “the new normal.”


    • Steph says:

      amazing – well said. you know what, i think i will.

    • Willy says:

      Our liberals would be left to your American taste.

    • Realist says:

      Hello Im an Australian and I’ve never been to America and I am alarmed that you think you should come and tell us what we should be doing when you should be worrying about what’s going on in your dirty backyard.

      Maybe if you (and the US) stopped trying to tell the rest of the world how to do things and put the effort into sorting your own crap out the world would be a better place?

      • Larry says:

        Realist: I think you will find that if you read this a little more closely Preston is very worried about what his country has become and is being neighborly in warning us that we may go down the same path. Just in passing you do realise that Preston is in the Americas and that the magics of the internet allows him to have an opinion and express it without actually physically coming to Australia?

      • Ross says:

        You’re a tool, mate. His piece was all about the problems in America, at least he has the guts to acknowledge the problems. Funny how you take offence at him telling us what we should be doing, then proceed to tell him to “put the effort into sorting out your own crap” Funny how the tools on here don’t use there own names. What do you think, “Realist”???

  45. Douglas says:

    The worst government of all time – by a long margin.

    • John says:

      I completely agree with you… The previous Labor government was indeed the worst government in our history by leaps and bounds! Thankfully we’ve got a government in power which is slowly rectifying the economic damage they inflicted on the Australian people.

      • Douglas says:

        Nice try at verballing. Obviously I was referring to this LIBERAL government – the worst and most dishonest in history.

  46. Louise says:

    Overwhelming! It really doesn’t matter what side of politics you prefer. When we are being courted during election time, we expect to hear all party’s policies so we can make an informed choice at the ballot box. What is occurring now is a very dangerous trend that politicians think that they can take us all as fools by making promises that they never intended to keep and then when in office just explaining them away by blaming the previous government with the old ‘but it was worse that we thought’ argument. We need to STAND UP and demand that broken promises = ‘you’re out on your ear’. Supply should be blocked to force an election and we should demand that politicians stick to their promises. This means that if you don’t have the figures, then don’t make the promise. How about speaking openly and honestly to the Australia public by letting them know that if the figures stack up then Promise A can be achieved but if they don’t then we will water it down BEFORE the election. Gee wouldn’t that approach be novel – a bit of truth!

  47. freddy says:

    How can one compare a minority government to the Abbott Government with a massive majority in the House of Reps , minority governments are about compromise, wonder how Abbott will do compromising with the Senate. Saw the heavyweights last night calling Shorten the chief whinger sounded like the school yard bullies

  48. Dallas Wealands says:

    Well let’s abolish him.

  49. Jen says:

    Absolutely great piece but I am a little concerned about the writing/editing. I did read it all of the way through – is it ok as far as gays are concerned to call them queers? I didn’t think that was the case.

  50. Peter Ford says:

    Amazing…toxic Tony doesn’t believe in climate change but deeply believes in Noah’s ark!! What a jerk!

  51. Deivido says:

    “The poverty of our century is unlike that of any other. It is not, as poverty was before, the result of natural scarcity, but of a set of priorities imposed upon the rest of the world by the rich. Consequently, the modern poor are not pitied…but written off as trash. The twentieth-century consumer economy has produced the first culture for which as beggar is a reminder of nothing.” ~ John Berger

  52. Barry Melville says:

    Had no idea we wasted that much money , and to think we have been spending it for the last 5 years , more cuts needed

  53. Barry Melville says:

    Had no idea we wasted that much money , and to think we have been spending it for the last 5 years , more cuts needed.

  54. John says:

    All pretty good accomplishments. We need to cut more money and fat from public agencies and authorities, bureaucrats and welfare in my opinion but hopefully he’ll continue further cuts… Thank heavens we got rid of Labor!

    • Callum S says:

      Why John? Our civil service is already cut to bare bones. And do you want people to starve? Welfare is there for a reason. Govt. exists to “Take from those according to their ability, give to those according to their needs.” Where does pillaging the poor and subsidising the rich fit with the model. When you are only governing for your voters and funders, that’s when. You need to be willing to sacrifice, John. Not everyone lives in the comfort I’m sure you enjoy. How many need to suffer before you see this.

  55. Marie says:

    We used to be able to call Australia the lucky country. Thank you Mr Abbott for taking that away from us

  56. Scott says:

    Long live Tony!

  57. Meg says:

    What I don’t understand is that when it comes to other countries we are horrified at what we hear/see/read but when it comes to our own country we just turn into keyboard warriors and call each other names but we don’t actually do anything about anything. Everyone has beliefs and opinions all should be respected and debated properly. BUT WRONG IS WRONG!! Why is our government unanswerable for the way they are treating other human beings? Why are we allowing a blatant disregard for human welfare to take place just off our shores by a government who seems to be hell bent on segregating its people. Why do I have to work my arse off to put a new bookcase in a building that I do not enter when they are planning to take more from me anyway? So I can give them a nice side table as well? Sorry getting off track there. All human beings have a right to fresh water, health care and basic human decency. I’m not saying accept all who seek asylum in our (debating the truth of this statement as I write it) “beautiful country” what I am saying is treat them with respect, decency and humanity. How dare a government of a modernised, civilised first world country treat people like this. How dare we allow them to be treated like this. But then again we are allowing our own to be treated like this so why would some child from another country be treated any better then a, and I use the term lightly, PROUD Aussie!!!!

    Truly Discusted in the transparent, bigoted, sexist, racist, anti basic human rights Australia we have become.

  58. George Las says:

    Anything else – like are using the expensive brand toilet paper in the lodge?
    Rantings from a Labour shrill.

  59. RA says:

    round and round the sheep go … never realising it’s a circle they’re forming .

  60. nikraf says:

    i have gone over this list and there is no mention of the 8.9 billion dollars hockey gave the RBA

  61. Jonathon Clark says:

    I actually felt physically ill reading that list of shame and failure.

    We can only pray for a or we are going to have to put up with this small minded, short sighted assault on the Aussie Battler.

  62. Craig says:

    Well what a mess Australia is in, reading the comments on hear it seems you are doomed to continue your decline well into the future.
    Labor/ Green’s tried there very best to destroy the country with fiscally irresponsible policy to try and buy votes, what is happening now, is the price you pay to FIX the mess they left your country in, if this doesn’t happen we will see Australian’s standard of living fall into third world status.
    Simply fact, Australia has no money there revenue streams have dried up and are going to get worse in the foreseeable future, nothing the government can do to fix the short term but to look to the future, put the blame solely where it belongs Labor/ Greens and the people who voted for them.
    Mining is in decline, car manufacturing is to exit Australia over the coming few years world commodity prices falling, Labor / Greens knew this and kept spending money the knew they could not pay back under there policies, they now sit on the side lines knowing that what is happening is for the best and what they themselves could not do, but knowing that Australian’s have very short memories that they will again in 4 short years be back in charge throwing the country further into debt.

  63. Realist says:

    Although I don’t like Abbot or his policies. I sure would like to know if the person who did this bothered to make one up for when Labor was in power.

    I’m sure they would be quite similar, but that would require being impartial I guess.

    • Callum S says:

      Labour’s faults were mostly buggering up their marketing. All the policies were aimed at improving our society (except the cruel asylum seeker policy). The policies were too compromised, fell too short or invested in the wrong areas, and then the party didn’t have the united strength to combat a combined attack from Murdoch and the miners.
      Contrastingly, Abbott is a destructive PM, tearing down institutions (no minister for science, climate commission sacked, for instance) and feeding the capitalist system that is wrecking industry and society in our country. Unlike some free-marketeers (like Turnbull), who are deluded in their strategy but are attempting things; Socially conservative, economically-archaic Abbott wants to reduce the government to nothing but the military and conservative think-tanks for telling minorities how to live their lives.

  64. 123 says:

    I’m not sure what people are complaining about in terms of Australia’s debt?

    Sure our debt is roughly 350billion dollars, but our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is about 1.6 trillion dollars per year. The debt is only about 20% of the total GDP (which is less than New Zealand).

    Look at America, their GDP is over 100% of their GDP or Germany where it’s around 80%.

    Sure spending may have been quite high in the past but the benefits for citizens were huge, allowing for anyone to be very successful in Australia.

    If the government was really trying to produce a surplus they wouldn’t be spending money on spy drones to patrol Australia’s border, oh and spend 2 million dollars on a fucking “royal” visit which no one cares about. I can think of plenty of childrens hospitals that could have really use that 2 million dollars.

  65. Victor says:

    We never seem to learn anything from History. Does anyone remember the insensitive anti-humanitarian fascistic havoc wrought by the three amigos, Mr Sheen, Billy Bunter and Reichsfuehrer Ruddock. And in the current Conga Line of our political amnesia the CAPITAL L lie ” there will be no GST”. Please don’t keep it a legal infringement not to vote. This is not democratic. When asked what I think of Australia, i now respond, I think it was better before I came here…

  66. anon says:

    “Appointed yet another straight, white cisgendered male as Governor General. ”


  67. Kim says:

    Breaking election promises is wrong and can’t be justified with “but labour also said this or done this”. We need to reform our system so that false promises at election time is ILLEGAL. Our whole democracy is nothing but a sham.

  68. Chris Launder says:

    I do agree with cutting legal aid to asylum seekers , that’s like attracting bees to a honey pot , why should my taxes fund these cases when they have the money to pay airfares to Indonesia and people smugglers ????? You have to contribute to the tax system before you can draw upon its benefits . As for pregnant women having difficulties in detention , that’s what happens when you use babies and young children as emotional blackmail to further your claim , got a child that young ? , then don’t bring it with you to use as a pawn .

  69. Phillip says:

    In their defence, who the f**k in the abbot government could be minister for science. I’d prefer no minister than one who didn’t believe in science. Look at the minister for women.

  70. Ronniethenotsogreengreenie says:

    He forgot to mention Beezlebub Joyce reopening live export to countries with NO animal welfare eg Iran, Vietnam, can’t wait to see the horrendous videos coming from these countries, oh wait, we might not get to see them because they want to introduce ag-gag laws here in Australia, where the person who photographs or videos the cruelty will be charged instead.

  71. Pari Gilmour says:

    No government of any persuasion has so systematically and cynically lied to the Australian public as the Abbott government has. We need to be very worried about them. The terminology in use is exclusively that of the economic rationalist with everything being re-defined within fiscal limitations. For example, on Q&A the week after the budget was delivered Hockey claimed that the ABC had to take a cut because they had not delivered “efficiency dividends”. Which means they were supposed to cut bits out to yield a specified percentage real reduction in running costs.
    Hockey at no time, and will never, mention that during disasters and emergencies, which are a regular feature of Australian life; e.g. bushfires and floods; Local ABC radio becomes the number one, and often only, means of communication for people who otherwise would not be aware of what was happening and what they should do. If the ABC did not provide this service, you can be certain that no-one else would, or would even have the network and infrastructure to deliver this service across any variable geographical area, depending on the emergency.
    He also failed to refer to the considerable boost to the economy that various ABC organised and promoted events contribute locally. That very weekend, ABC JJJ had organised “The Big Day Out” which was held in Mildura this year. 20,000 people turned up from as far away as Brisbane and Perth, thus injecting considerable finances not only into Mildura itself but all the way there and back.
    Hockey chooses to completely disregard these valuable contributions that the ABC makes, and worse, paints it in the light of ‘tax-payer funded’ as if this is evil. Even people who don’t pay tax benefit from the many services the ABC provides ‘free of charge’. Take a look at their web-page for example. As a tax payer, I am delighted that people who don’t earn enough to pay tax, have access to these great services. As a civilised, first world, democratic country, we should be able to do this for everyone.
    Then yesterday listening to question time, (OMG) suddenly I learn that the coalition inherited a budget deficit of 660$ Billion. Amazing! It was less than half of this on election night. What on earth has the coalition been up to? Cooking the propaganda books I would say.
    Our American friend has provided some insights which we ignore at our own peril.

  72. Anomander says:

    Wow! This list is:
    impressive (in a good way)
    disturbing (in as much as the government could commit so many inhumane actions)
    frighteningly bad (that people voted for these clowns and still believe these actions are right)
    frustrating (that we have so many ignorant, selfish fuckers in this country)
    disbelieving (at how anybody could even think this way, let alone do it) and
    angering (that we should all be standing-up and throwing these fuckers out on their worthless arses.)

    There are very few people in this world upon whom I would wish any harm. But this government is challenging even my strong will.

  73. pv says:

    What many people fail to realise is the Liberal Govt during the Howard era was not in surplus. Remember also they sold many publicly owned assets so on paper it looked as if we were in surplus. 12 months ago it was leaked that Liberals left Australia in debt but it wasn’t picked up by mainstream media quick enough. Howard and his henchmen also had a nasty streak especially when it came to the Northern Territory Intervention. So he is not what he seems to be. And, It is obvious that Abbott could be likened to Bush no. 2. Can’t string a sentence together and really doesn’t know what is going on.

    Liberal party – they are simply instigating the Liberal Ideologies…it’s as simple as that. I say to everyone, know what the party ideologies are then vote for them. If you believe in Liberal Ideology then fine that is your preference. I personally believe in a social democratic Ideology so I voted Labor. I believed in their philosophies. Unless you are independently wealthy or a self funded retiree, then voting Liberal is like going to your own execution.

    No country will ever be out of debt. People need to realise this. Its impossible and not important anyway.

    Jobs are created from the bottom up not from the top down. With Liberal cutting bottom up spending where do they expect the jobs to come from. It’s illogical.

    People need to stop voting for the person or policies because that’s not what politic is. Learn your political science. Look at the bigger picture. Look at the impact of the IMF. We are simply small players on a very large stage.

  74. Courtney says:

    I’m surprised there was no mention, unless I missed it, of how Abbott’s daughter received quite a large scholarship over many students whom I’m sure deserved it more.

  75. Alex says:


  76. Barbara says:

    . Howard promised to take us back to the picket fence era. Abbott has actually done so with all the poverty people experienced then. As a 78 year old pensioner ready to tighten my belt I am now truly worried. My partner of thirty years was retrenched and bravely returned to Uni at fifty to earn a living with new skills. His only asset and mine is the modest timber home we live in. Not married I am now wondering if the confiscating of his HECS debt on death will see me inheriting a HECS debt with his half of our house. My contentment with my modest circumstances in my retirement has turned into total panic as I am terrified that I might have to sell my home to service that debt. Why should I trust Tony Abbotts assurances that Pyne and Hockey won’t do this ?

  77. Sarah says:

    Is there a list of the positive things the Abbot Government has done? I know some people will think some of the above are good things – but for a normal, moral person with a soul; have they done anything that could be classified as good?

  78. Redditor says:

    That’s one incredible work Matthew, congratulations. Have cited you here, hope you’re cool with that (gave full credit of course) will delete if you wish.

  79. Austin says:

    Well… At least they are consistent.

  80. like one of those old adds that just go on and on. “Wait there’s more!”
    Can we have that revolution now?

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