About The Sauce

The Sauce is Australia’s number one sauce when it comes to breaking news. Since launching our website in 2013, the Sauce has received over a million global visitors, and our work has been featured in USAToday, the Guardian, Fairfax papers, on Pedestrian.tv, FBI radio, the Hoopla, as well as getting praise from public figures such as Rhys Muldoon, Catherine Deveny, MP Andrew Bandt and whoever the hell is behind @ABCnewsIntern.

We’ve got an in-house team of writers, but also take on any material submitted or suggested to us by the public.


Contact Us

Looking to pitch articles, send us loveletters, or offer us a 5 night a week spot on primetime TV? You can contact the Sauce’s editors at: sauceeditors [at] gmail.com or mail us by addressing a letter to 1999 where mail was still a thing. We also have a twitter that we check daily, so you can tweet us @theSauce, and we’ve got a Facebook which we don’t use but our social media person insist we plug it too.



We’ve been getting a lot of questions of late, from “Who are you?” to “What are you doing in my house?”, so we’re going to do our best to address these questions below:


What is the Sauce?

The Sauce is a lot of things. Though you can trace the Sauce’s roots to a wildly unpopular satiric site back in 2008, the Sauce as a proper thing started out as a very shortlived masthead for a even more shortlived comedy paper at the University of Sydney back in 2010. When that collapsed, the writers went their separate ways, and the twitter account was turned over to promoting the writing ventures of ex-saucer’s. Over time this expanded to sharing and promoting the output of a whole range of satiric sites we discovered were running around the country, and as this project grew, people started sending us their own satiric news. So we made a website again, and started sharing content, and the rest will hopefully be part of a Channel Seven telemovie in thirty years.


Who is the Sauce?

Currently the Sauce is an open door publication, so the Sauce is anyone sends us something worth sharing. We’ve also got a core team of writer/contributors that are good enough to keep sending us stuff without asking to be paid, which we hope to rectify soon, but they make up the majority of articles you’ll see on the site. And finally the Sauce is a loudhailer for Australian comedy writing. We strongly believe Australia has writers as good as anywhere in the world, and it’s our mission to make this known any way we can. What we’re saying is we’re everyone, and if you sue us you’re really suing yourself. Checkmate lawyers.


Why ‘the Sauce’?

Urban Dictionary defines the Sauce as: “booze, alchohol, drink which is making one drunk.” It also then goes on to describe the Sauce as “something which is really awesome“, “a bottled condiment” and “a famous performer in the adult film industry” all of which we think combines to truly capture the spirit of what the Sauce is all about.

But honestly, we chose it partly as a homage to the Chaser (hit the sauce before the chaser hahahahahaa kill me), partly as an omage to the Onion (sauce or onions with your sausage sir), and partly as an ode to good old Kevin ‘Fair Shake of My Sauce Bottle’ Rudd. And also partly as way of getting away with claiming to be from Australia’s leading number one news sauce when introducing ourselves at parties. When someone eventually invites us to a party that will come in handy.

But it’s mostly the Chaser thing. While there’s been plenty of other comedy publications that have influenced us, from Army Man to the Bug, there’s no denying we share the most roots with the Chaser, from Sydney’s Honi Soit, to the contributors we’re swiped during our escapades on set at the Chaser’s filmings. Or maybe we’re just sucking up because the Chaser make up 90% of all paid work in the Sydney comedy scene. Who knows.


When is the Sauce?

Our site is always breaking, meaning we should find new hosting, but also that we run stuff 7 hours a day, 11 days a week.


Where is the Sauce?

We’re based in Sydney but we’ve got contributors from all over the country, from Melbourne, all the way to the outer suburbs of Melbourne. If you need to urgently meet us your best bet is the Forest Lodge Hotel, which is the closest thing we’ve got to an office.


Why is the Sauce?

We ask ourselves the same thing every day.


Can I send you my stuff?

Yes. Our aim is to promote all Australian comedy writing, and we’ll do it any way we can. We love pitches of funny headlines, tolerate full articles, detest pitches of local news and are in the process of ordering a hit on the guy who keeps sending us haikus. We also occasionally run things that aren’t satiric news, things that are multimediatastic, or even not funny. Our policy is as long as it’s awesome, we’ll run it or steal your idea and pass it off as our own.

Few things to keep in mind before sending us things:

1. Have a quick read of our styleguide before pitching to greaten your chances of sending us something we’ll run.

2. We’d love to but we can’t pay you for stuff at the moment. As writers we realize this is a bit slack, but as humans we need to eat at least two meals a day, so until we win the lottery this is a labor of love.

3. By sending us stuff, you’re granting the Sauce the right to share, modify, build upon and profit from your work in perpetuity. That may seem a bit evil, but we just don’t particularly want to be sued by someone who’s sent us an article in ten years time claiming we owe them our lavish mansions and collection of poweryachts.