8 Stunning Pictures of Hong Kong From The Last Week, Sponsored By Baidu

We’ve all heard about what’s been going on in Hong Kong over the last week, and the Sauce has had our photographers out on the ground capturing what many are describing as the most productive and harmonious week yet in Hong Kong history, as it went down.


1Driving on new road built by the might of the people, many Hong Kong enjoy luxuries of Chinese prosperity such as car and palm tree.


2While eating at one of many party voucher food location women enjoy discus the benefit of working field for greater good, and their endless adoration for policies of state party and leader Xi Jinping.


3Choice is not on limits in Chinese Hong Kong, with many enjoy little America and their products of high Chinese quality.


4Many delicious looking thing available to buy from authorized street vendor. Nothing is sold tonight as streets are too quiet and peaceful.


5Hong Kong has many parking space gifted by party to people of Chinese Hong Kong as a sign of much generosity.


6Dissidents that seek to bring inferior western culture into Chinese Hong Kong are mocked and laughed at by large crowd.


7Sometimes street so full of peace many will choose to walk down them as they feel much safety under Chinese party.


8The people fill street in celebration of China Day every year to express much love for party. This year love was so great it spread over many month, and viral on internet around the world as beacon of Chinese Hong Kong love for party state.